Friday, May 26, 2006

Playlist for Show 26th May 2006

  • 007 - Desmond Dekker
  • It Mek - Desmond Dekker
  • The Israelites - Desmond Dekker
  • Woman From Yonder - Composed by Kenji Kawai for the Seven Swords soundtrack
  • Massacre Rhapsody - Composed by Kenji Kawai
  • Talking About Fighting Skills - Josephine Siao Fong Fong and Chan Pao Chu (Shaw Bros soundtrack EP pictured above)
  • Encounter at the Shrine - Composed by Kenji Kawai
  • The Spirit of the Swords - Composed by Kenji Kawai
  • Handsome Man - Unknown Chinese Artist (1950s)
  • Zaijian - Josephine Siao Fong Fong

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Donnie Yen box set competition

Hong Kong Legends ( have brought out this fantastic Donnie Yen box set and I have one to give away to a lucky winner! The 3 films included are :

  • Yuen Wo Ping's all-action martial arts classic Iron Monkey
  • Tsui Hark's epic sequel Once Upon A Time in China II where Donnie is pitted against Jet Li
  • The New Dragon Gate Inn, directed by Tsui Hark & Raymond Lee with a star cast: Maggie Cheung, Brigitte Lin and Tony Leung Ka Fai

To win this high kicking prize please tell me - What do Keanu Reeves and Donnie Yen have in common?
Email me with your answer: by Thursday 8th June 2006. Competition open to UK and Europe only.

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repeated Tuesdays at 10am.

Seven Swords Competition

The don of Hong Kong cinema, Tsui Hark, returned to our screens with the wu xia epic Seven Swords. Did you miss it at the cinema (why? I told you to go see it!) ? Well, fret not, it is now available on DVD. To celebrate the release of Seven Swords on DVD I am running a special Lucky Cat competition. To win the DVD please answer this question:

Tsui Hark appears in a Michelle Yeoh film, what is his charcater's name?

Email me at with your answer by Thursday 1st June 2006.

One entry per person. Only open to UK and Europe.

RIP Desmond Dekker

Sad news today that Desmond Dekker, King of Ska, died of a heart attack at age 64 yesterday. Desmond started out as a welder but soon found he had musical talents and was signed up to Beverley's records in Jamaica by the great producer Leslie Kong. He recorded the huge hits '007' and 'The Israelites' for Kong in the late 1960s. The latter was a massive chart hit in the UK where Desmond moved to in the 70s and pursued a career. Kong, his friend and mentor sadly died of a heart attack in 1971. Desmond's career path was not smooth after his move to the UK. In fact he was declared bankrupt in 1984. Then a TV advert for tape cassettes used 'The Israelites' and his music was brought to the attention of a new generation. He died of a heart attack in Dublin yesterday, he was about to embark upon a European tour. A distinctive, melodic voice, classic tunes, and always the nattiest of dressers, Desmond Dekker we salute you - a true Jamaican Reggae music pioneer. RIP.



Recommended listening: Rudy Got Soul: the Early Years 1963-1968 Desmond Dekker. On the Trojan label.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Korean Punk Band Crying Nut Playing Live on Today's Show

LIVE in the studio today are Crying Nut, Korea's premier punk band. For more info on the band see:

Lucky Cat show, 1 - 2 pm (UK time) 104.4 FM in London or online anywhere: The show will be repeated Tuesday 10 - 11 am.

Friday, May 12, 2006

A Chinese Tall Story

Here's a shot of Charlene Choi Cheuk-Yin from the fantasy film very loosely based on 'Journey to the West'

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Early 1960s Hong Kong style

Just LOVE this pic so wanted to share it...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Playlist Friday 5th May 2006

From my Resonance FM show (every Friday 1-2 pm, repeated Tuesday 10 - 11 am), 104.4 FM in London or online anywhere at;

    First up, a few summer songs:
  • Remember (Walking in the Sand) - The Shangri-Las
  • From a Logical Point of View - Robert Mitchum
  • Who's Sorry Yvonne - Mighty Sparrow
  • Shimmy, Shimmy Ko Ko Bop - Little Anthony & The Imperials
    The Thai version excursion extravaganza with Thai tracks from Thai Beat A Go-Go CDs (volumes 1-3):
    including: Kawliga, Your Cheating Heart, Hit The Road Jack, Thai Boxing....

  • Kawliga - Hank Williams
  • Hit The Road Jack - Big Youth
  • It's a Pity - Tanya Stepehens
  • Money Mad - London Posse

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Once Upon a Time In High School DVD Review

From the sub title of this film ‘the spirit of Bruce Lee lives on’ I was expecting an all action martial arts film or a perhaps a violent Korean movie with a high shock factor in the style of Old Boy and other recent offerings. However, when I watched the DVD I was pleasantly surprised as Once Upon A Time in High School is neither of these types of film. Instead it is a contemplative and touching film with bursts of violence which act not to shock but are actually relevant to the story and therefore do not sit awkwardly with the viewer. You may have guessed by now that I am not a fan of Park Chan-wook’s films Old Boy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Although these films are visually stunning and have moments of brilliance I found that they descended too easily into preposterous plot twists and camp violence.

Once Upon a Time in High School is a coming of age tale, nicely framed by the main character’s fascination with Bruce Lee. The film starts with clips from Fist of Fury and Bruce Lee is referenced again at the end of the story. Set in 1978, perhaps at the height of Bruce Lee’s popularity, the film deals with the difficulties of bullying and the hierarchy system in a militaristic Korean boy’s school. There is also a love story in here (unrequited) and the comedic elements are provided by a kid called Hamburger (Park Hyo-jun) who peddles porn to his fellow students to pay for his tuition. There are some brutal fights and violence looms over the characters’ lives. The film by director Ha Yu is apparently semi-autobiographical and it is an interesting portrayal of Korea and the young generation growing up at this time. There are references to Korea's new democracy e.g. a teacher who says his badly behaved pupil ‘shames democracy’ as if that were the ultimate insult. There are also 70s references - the boys attend discos and listen to Western music. In fact, this was the one thing that made me cringe slightly - there are romantic moments in the film when the playing of 70s ballads, which now sound trite, made me snigger instead of swoon.

The young actors are all excellent, particularly the hard man Woo-sik (Lee Jung-jin) who befriends the main character Hyun-soo (Kwon Sang-woo). Over here in the UK we tend only to see a very small section of Korean cinema - mainly the violent action dramas and thrillers such as A Bittersweet Life and Old Boy (there are exceptions such as Drunk on Women and Poetry). This is a great example of other types of films that are being made in Korea. I thoroughly enjoyed Once Upon a time in High School and I would recommend a viewing.

Above are the two covers for the movie, I think the Korean DVD cover portrays the film more accurately.

This Korean movie is out now to buy from Premier Asia and all good retailers.

To find out more about Korean cinema visit:

Playlist Friday 28th April

  • Sex Education Ghetto Style - Gil Scott Heron

  • Stay in School - Otis Redding

  • Good Monring Little School Girl - Smokey Hogg

  • Bald Headed Teacher - Max Romeo

  • Love Will Make You Fail in School - Mickey & Sylvia

  • Musical Alphabet - Dennis Alcapone

  • School Days - Chuck Berry

  • School is Out - Gary 'U.S.' Bonds

  • Teacher, Teacher - Dennis Alcapone

  • Only Woman DJ With Degree - Sister Nancy

  • Teacher, Teacher - Slick Rick

  • Chinese verions by unknown artist of: Ce Sera Sera, Roman Guitar and Cowboy Sweetheart