Monday, July 18, 2016

Lucky Cat Series 12 Ep4 - Naoko the Rock Returns!

It was so great to be joined in the studio again by record collector and DJ Naoko the Rock.  We had a nice chat about Japan, Reggae and record collecting.  Naoko brought some lovely tunes from her collection - I'm already looking forward to part 3, what a great guest with immaculate taste!

  • Love in the Afternoon - Don Drummond (green vinyl, Top Sound 7”) 
  • Trottin' - Lloyd Trotman and His Orchestra (Brunswick 7”) 
  • You Didn't Know Me - Lord Creator with The Determinations (Japanese band from Osaka with Lord Creator on vocals, Drum and Bass Records Druweed 7”, pictured left)
  • Uwaki na Honey - Qimygo (Kodama 7") 
  • Be My Baby (Instrumental) - Name? Kazufumi Kodama (Nut-Meg 7") 
  • Love You Tokyo - Akira Kurosawa and His Los Primos (Crown label 7” - pictured above)
  • Sentimental Reasons - The Hamlins (Blue Coxsone label 7", pictured below)
  • Prophecy - Fabian Miranda (Wolf label 7")
  • Give Thanks - Delroy Butler (Upsetter Justice League label 7") 
  • Start Over - The Gatherers (Upsetter label 7")

Naoko is also a part of the female Reggae DJ collective with me - Sisters of Reggae. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lucky Cat Series 12 Ep3 - Musical Niceness and Apple Som Tam

Listen here:


  • My Whole World is Falling Down - Ken Parker (Bamboo 7")
  • Love Yourself - Future Groove (Pure Vinyl 7")
  • Touch of LoveTokyo 99 and Hiroshi Sawa (King Label Hits vol 9, 1968, LP)
  • Rokudan - Izumi-Kai Original Instrumental Group (Classical Japanese Koto, Everest Records LP)
  • Take Me Darling - The Heptones (The Heptones On Top, Studio One LP)
  • My Man - Marcia Aitken (Joe Gibbs 12")
  • Blouse and Skirt - Trinity (Joe Gibbs 12" - version style, DJ cut carries on from the vocal)
  • Get Up Edina - Desmond Dekker (UK Island 7")
  • I Love You with All My Heart - Fitnete Rédja and the Central Albanian Group (Tirane Albanie 10" LP on the ARTEXPORT label)
  • Passion - Jo l'Auvergnat (Valsez Musette Avec Jo L'Auvergnat, 10" LP HMV)
  • I'm in Love - The Techniques (Treasure Isle 7")

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lucky Cat Series 12 Ep 2 - Movie News & Purple Sweetcorn

18th June 2016
East Asian Movie News Special with Purple Sweetcorn in the Dim Sum Lunch Box

Cannes Picks:
Park Chan Wook's Handmaiden 

Koji Fukada's Harmonium

Coming soon from veteran HK director Johnny To:

Out Now:

When Marnie Was There - the latest film from Studio Ghibli.

Cemetry of Splendour - the second film from Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul


  • I Wish Someone Would Care - Etta James (Miss Peaches, Chess LP)
  • A Thing of The Past - Phyllis Dillon (Treasure Isle 7")
  • Everybody Needs Love - Gladys Knight and The Pips (Motown Yesteryear 7")
  • Omoidezake - Sachiko Kobayashi (Warner Bros 7")
  • Danger in Your Eyes - Ronald Merrills (Studion One 7")
  • What Happens - Cornell Campbell (PAMA 7")
  • One Kiss - The Coasters (Let's Go to the Dance with The Coasters: Rare Early Rock n Roll Sides, Harmony LP)
  • Aishitamou Koto Nakare - Sayori Yuki (Toshiba EMI, 7")
  • Too Much Whiskey - Errol Dixon and The Backbeats (Bluebeat 7")
  • Bad Bad Whiskey - Amos Milburn (Let's Have a Party, LP)
  • Zion Train - Bobby Kalphat (Faith 7")
  • I'll Take Good Care of You - Garnett Mimms (United Artists 7")

The Dim Sum Lunch Box

Purple Sweetcorn - a recipe adapted from Ken Hom's chilli sweetcorn.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Lucky Cat Series 12 Episode 1 - June 2016

Lucky Cat is back!  Series 12 started Saturday 11th June 2016. Tune in live every Saturday at 3.30pm via FM in London : 104.4, via DAB in London or via worldwide.


  • Summertime - Sam Cooke (This is Sam Cooke, RCA compilation 2xLP)
  • Jaa Ri Sakhi Asha Bhosle (Old Hits, EMI LP)
  • Once I Loved (O Amor En Paz) - Frank Sinatra (Francis Albert Sinatra with Antonio Carlos Jobim, Reprise LP)
  • A Thai Love Song - Rebecca Pan Wan Ching (Greatest Hits 1965, Life LP)
  • Wan Maha Sanook - Plearn Promdan (Sound of Siam, Soundways CD)
  • First Night of the Full MoonRebecca Pan Wan Ching (Greatest Hits 1965, Life LP)
  • Queen Majesty - The Jays with Ranking Trevor (Channel One 12")
  • Ah Trouble - Lord Kitchener (London is the Place for Me 4, Honest Jon's CD)
  • As Time Goes By - Fats Domino (This is Fats, Imperial LP)
  • No Money Down - Lloyd Williams and the Celestials (Wasp, 7")
  • Thinking of You - Fats Domino (This is Fats, Imperial LP)
  • Haishan records OST LP - titles in Taiwanese
  • I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me - Fran Warren (Hey There!, Gala Records LP)
  • Haishan records OST LP - titles in Taiwanese

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

China Visual Festival 2016

The China Visual Festival is in full swing at the moment and there are still some great films to catch.

For all the details go to:

The closing gala film is Panay (Wawa No Cidal) - a drama following the struggle of an indigenous community in Taiwan with urban development and gentrification.

Singer songwriter and TV host Ado’ Kaliting Pacidal stars in Panay and will also be giving a Q&A after the film.  Ado'Kaliting hails from an Amis background - a Taiwanese ethnic minority group, much like the community portrayed in the film. Check out her Youtube channel here:


Monday, May 02, 2016

Lucky Cat Series 11 Episode 24 - Tofu Teriyaki Rolls

Here is the last episode of Lucky Cat Series 11, featuring lots of great records and Tofu Teriyaki Rolls. Big thanks to the Resonance FM Saturday engineers.
Lucky Cat Series 12 will start on 11th June.....


I've Got to Get You Off My Mind - The Tennors (UK Island 7")
Twelth of Never - Pat Kelly (UK Island 7")
Man to Man - Kentrick Patrick aka Lord Creator (UK Island 7")
I'm Sorry - Jimmy Cliff (Bluebeat 7")
Shad Roe - Paul Quinichette (Basie-ite EmArcy 7" EP)
Take the A Train - Duke Ellingon feat Betty Roche (London 7")
Samie - Paul Quinichette (Basie-ite EmArcy 7" EP)
You Don't Know - Peggy Lee (Fever Capitol 7" EP)
Man from Galilee - Otis Wright (Glory 7")
Don't Stay Away - Phyllis Dillon (Treaure Isle 7")
Sweet Baby of Mine - Ruth Brown (Popcorn 7")
Hit the Road Jack - Big Youth (Trojan 7")

Recipe for Tofu Teriyaki Rolls:
Cut up a small block of firm tofu into 2cm chunks.
Mix up some...
Teriyaki Sauce
Soya Sauce
Large spoon of honey
Add the tofu chunks
Marinade overnight in an air tight tupperware container - you should turn the container so all sides of the tofu get marinaded. 
Fry the tofu chunks in a big frying pan using organic coconut oil.  Turn to brown the sides.  Put into a bowl.

Now you are ready to make the rolls. You will need:
10" rice paper rounds
4 Spring onions, chopped finely lenghtways (approx 3" long)
Fresh mint sprigs
Fresh coriander, lightly chopped
Beanspouts sprinkled with some drops of rice vinegar.

Make the rice paper rounds soft by immersing in hot water for 30 seconds or so (Use a frying pan or dish that is large and round with 2" depth as the rounds need to be submerged in the hot water.  Use chopsitcks to fish out).

Once soft put the rice paper round on a plate and add your ingredients on the round about 1" in to the centre.  The fold over and tuck in the sides then continue to roll over until you have made a lovely little roll!  This web site gives step by step instructions with pictures, take a look:

Your technique will improve the more rolls you make. 

Serve with Mae Ploy sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

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Lucky Cat Series 11 Episode 23 - Matsuo Basho & CTHD2

Here's the 26th March episode featuring a review of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II and the haiku poetry of Matsuo Basho.
Thsi was the day after I attended the fantastic London International Ska Festival - I review the gigs by U-Roy and Bob Andy and the vlve sound system clash (Axis v Sounds and Pressure).

  • Reggae in your Jeggae - Dandy (7" Downtown label)
  • Little Did You Know - The Techniques (7" Treasure Isle label)
  • Woman a Capture Man - The Ethiopians (7" Trojan label)
  • Shamisen music - (Musical Atlas of Japan LP)
  • Japanese folk
  • You're Gonna Miss Me - Owen Grey
  • One Night - Smiley Lewis (JA blank 7")
  • Wear you to the Ball - Paragons and U Roy
  • Besame Mucho - the Platters 
  • Ship of Love - The Nutmegs

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lucky Cat Series 11 Episode 22 - Movie News and New Vinyl

New out on DVD April 2016

In this episode I give you some East Asian movie news, a recipe for Thai chicken dish khao mok gai and lots of lovely vinyl.


  • Silver Words - Ken Boothe (Green Door label 7"), written by Rodriguez
  • Love is Overdue - Gregory Isaacs (GG Records label 7")
  • Please, Please, Please - James Brown and his Famous Flames (Federal label 7")
  • So Long (I'm Gone) - Derrick and Hortense Ellis (Lord Koos label 7")
  • Chinaman - Lord Cristo (Antillana label 7")
  • Pine and Cypress Trees in Whirling Snow - Wong Chin (Classic Pipa Hits CD)
  • Satan Girl - The Ethiopians (blank label 7")
  • Love is Strange - Jon Cundo (Bamboo label 7") 
  • Win Your Love - John Holt (Love label 7")
  • Reggae in Your Jeggae - Dandy (Downtown label 7")
  • I Really Love You - Clancy Eccles (blank label 7")

Friday, April 01, 2016

Lucky Cat Series 11 Episode 21 - Ultraman Special

Here's the Ultraman Special show from Saturday 12th March 2016.


Ultraman Theme and other OST tunes from the records pictured (kindly given to me by DJ Food).
Tokyo Ondo - Kahondo Style (My Heart's In Motion LP)
Edo Matsuri - Festival Ensemble of Tokyo (A Musical Atlas of Japan EMI/Odeon)
Strange Whispering - The West Indians (7" Camel label)
True Confession - The Silvertones (Treasure Isle 7")
Silhouettes - Dennis Brown (Songbird 7")

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Ultraman Facts

Check out this episode of old BBC show Japanorama - full of Ultraman facts.  I remember enjoying this series - back when Jonathan Ross was a BBC employee! This was one of the best things he did, sharing his passion for Japanese culture.

Here's another good documentary by NHK, this one covers the topic of special effects (Tokatsu) shows. It starts off with Godzilla, skip to 20 minutes in for Ultraman:

How about some Ultraman bento?  Ready to carve eyes out of a hard bolied egg yolk? I hope so:

A Great Top 30 of Ultraman Monsters:

Noh Masks and Ultraman:

Tokatsu exhibition Facebook page, some great pics of the miniature sets:

Lucky Cat Series 11 Episode 19

Actor Yao Anlian plays the factory boss - a superb performance
Last week I was away so you had a show from the archives (series 6). Here is the previous week's show which has a review of the wonderful indie Chinese film Factory Boss (shown at the Asia House film festival) plus a preview of my Gaby Agis and The Raincoats DJ set.


I Know That You Will Want to Come Back - The Ethiopians (Jamaican blank 7")
Typical Girls - The Slits (from the LP Cut)
That Very Night - Hollie Cook (Mr Bongos 7")
Met Him on a Sunday - Laura Nyro
Gee, Baby, Gee - The Butterflys (The Red Bird Story vol 2, LP) 
All of Me - Ella Fitzgerald (Unesco LP)
Beijing Opera Si Lang Tan Mu - traditional (from The Grandmaster soundtrack LP)
Butterfly Among the Tea Leaves and Gently Flows the Stream (Shell National Folkloric Festival, Memories of China LP)
Night and Day - Maytals (Trojan label 7")
Rainy Night in Georgia - Lord Tanamo (Jamaican blank 7")

Today's show (episode 21) will definitely be an Ultraman special!  Apologies for the wait.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

This Saturday - An Ultraman Special

Tune in this Saturday for a special programme on solar-powered Japanese superhero Ultraman.

3.30pm 104.4 FM

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Monday, February 15, 2016

London International Ska Festival - Bid in the Resonance FM Fundraiser!

Yes folks it's that time of year, the annual Resonance FM fundraiser is in full swing!

There are many fabulous items and experiences on the auction site not least the AMAZING deal of two wristband tickets to the London International Ska Festival worth £130 each.
Ebay bidding on these tickets starts 17th Feb, see: and help us stay on air!

I've attended the festival in previous years and am looking forward to going this year - a top notch selection of live acts and DJs.  For me the highlight will be the makers of best Rocksteady LP ever - Carlton and The Shoes!

Happy bidding. Thanks to the generosity of the London International Ska Festival and thanks to you the listeners for your donations.  Without your help we could not broadcast from the best radio station in the world* Resonance FM.
*Stewart Lee says so!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Lucky Cat S11 E17 - Year of the Monkey

Apologies for the missing episode 16 of Lucky Cat Series 11 - somehow it did not make it to the mixcloud and has been lost in the radio waves of time....

Fear not though because episode 17 is here packed with musical niceness.

Gong Xi Fa Cai!  Gung Hey Fat Choy! May the year of the cheeky Monkey be filled with mischievous fun and wonderful good health.


  • Happy New Year - Tsui Ping (EMI label Chinese New Year 7" EP)
  • You're the One - Dorothy Russell (Duke Reid 7")
  • Freedom Train - The Wailers (UK Island 7")
  • Monkey Man - The Specials (The Specials LP, 2Tone)
  • Monkey Girl - The Maytals (The King Kong Compilation LP, Island/Mango)
  • Can't You Read - Big Maceo (Bi Maceo Vol 1 Flying Boogie 1941-1945, Document Records CD)
  • Too Much Monkey Business - Chuck Berry (Rock n Roll Explosion CD)
  • Monkey Hips and Rice - Hank Jacobs (Sue Instrumentals LP)
  • The Higher the Monkey Climbs - Justin Hinds and the Dominoes (Intensified! Original Ska 1962-66, Island LP)
  • I Wanna Be Like You - Louis Prima (Disney compilation LP)
  • The Clapping Song - Shirley Ellis (The Complete Congress Recordings CD)
  • Gong Xi Ni (Good luck to you) - Tsui Ping (EMI label Chinese New Year 7" EP)
  • The Origins of Monkey - Godiego (Monkey Magic OST BBC LP)
  • Judge Not - Robert Marley (Scandal Ska, Island compilation LP)
  • Darling Don't Leave Me - The Jiving Juniors (Coxsone's Music, compilation 2xLPs, Soul Jazz Records)

Monday, January 25, 2016

Lucky Cat S11 E15 - Martial Arts Special!

Martial Arts Special!

Crane style kung fu practitioner Sharmin Asia-Rohima Ahmed talks about martial arts and self defence and the new classes she will be teaching in Clapham. Sharmin has trained in crane style kung fu or 12 years both in China and the UK. Legend has it that crane style kung fu was developed by Fang Qi Niang, daughter of a respected Kung fu master in 18th Century China. Sharmin has competed in several UK and European sparring and patterns tournaments winning 5 gold medals, 3 silver and1 bronze medal.

The Tai Chi and Crane style Kung-fu classes will start Sat 6th Feb in Clapham, see: or follow Sharmin via Instagram: damo_self_defense

This programme also features a brief review of Donnie Yen's Ip Man 3, out in UK cinemas now.
Also note that the art house martial arts movie The Assassin is currently showing at the BFI.  to get 2 for 1 tickets use the code ASSASSIN241 when booking online.


  • Den Kick - Afronational (7" on No Wahala Sounds label)
  • Crane Style - dub version of Madoo's Have you ever Been to Heaven (7" on the Prophet label, Far East rhythm)
  • Rude Girls - Doreen and Her Allstars (7" on the Rainbow label)
  • Oh Me Oh My - Lloyd Charmers (7" on the Bullet label)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lucky cat S11 E14 - Sino-grime Special

Here's last week's show which was a Sino-grime special!  To be honest I got a bit confused - is it Grime or is it Dub Step? Digital bass driven music...Whatever the genre I was surprised to really enjoy it (well it is not lovely scratchy old vinyl after all) - especially stand out track Frozen Pagoda!  
Swimful's PM2.5 (named after a pollution particle) will be released on 1st Feb on SBVKVLT label:

Reggae Sound Systems & DJing

Me with the Copesetic Sound system speakers 2014

I was thrilled to get a mention in this great article about women and reggae sound systems:

A couple of books I can recommend on sound system culture:
This one, Sound System Culture, is written by Paul Huxtable of Axis Sound system and focuses on the history and development of reggae sound systems in Huddersfield where Paul is from:

The Sonar System is a beautifully illustrated children's book emphasising the importance of sound systems in the cultural history of the 20th century:

I am pleased to announce that I will be playing with Copesetic sound system again on Friday 6th May 2016 in Manchester.

 A little sooner than that on Wednesday 10th February I'll be playing reggae at David Katz's night Dub Me Always in Brixton alongside Sweetie.  Lots of reggae plans for 2016!

Friday, January 15, 2016

No Cars - Mixcloud link and Photos

Tomoko on keys    
Haruna on lead guitar (and clarinet later) 

Takaco on bass and 'Candy' on drums

I had so much fun with the brilliant band No Cars playing live in the studio last week.  Go see them live - they are amazing!  Check their Facebook for upcoming gigs in February:

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Happy 2016!

Hope you all had a lovely festive break and are fresh and ready for the new year ahead!  Here is a mix I made for a friend - no East Asian tunes but plenty of toe tapping treats.

Lucky Cat returns to Resonance FM for a further 13 weeks of series 11 on Saturday 9th Jan 2016.
I will be joined live in the studio by the fabulous group No Cars for a live set and interview.  There may even be a curry taste off!

So far I have quite a few DJ dates booked in for 2016:

Sunday 24th: Women's DJ relay at The Ritzy, Brixton

Wednesday 10th: Dub Me Always at The Ritzy, Brixton
Monday 22nd: Asia House Film Festival Opening, Ham Yard, Soho 
Saturday 27th: Gaby Agis & The Raincoats, Greenwich

More dates to be confirmed soon!