Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Ripe Mango Som Tam

I have recently categorised all my 'Food' posts and I couldn't believe that I haven't posted a som tam recipe. A shocking emission as it is one of my favourite dishes. Traditionally this Thai salad is made with green papaya, I also like the green mango version but you can use other types of fruit too. This one was made with large fresh ripe mangoes (the type most commonly found in the UK).

My Mango Som Tam Recipe
    • Dry roast a handful of mixed nuts in a frying pan. Leave to cool.

      Next make the dressing in a mortar and pestle:
    • Crush two cloves of garlic
    • Add a teaspoon of brown sugar or palm sugar and crush that in
    • Add the juice of a small lime, you should be getting a nice paste now
    • De-seed and chop up 2 fresh Thai chillies. More if you like it spicier.
    • Keep pounding and add some fish sauce - about a tablespoon or less if you are not a salt freak like me.

    OK that's the dressing done. Now get a nicely ripened mango and cut it into strips. Cut up a few baby tomatoes too and put in a salad bowl with the mango strips. Pour over the dressing. Then put your dry roasted nuts into the mortar and pestle and crush up a bit. Add them to the salad and mix in.
    Usually I like to add dried shrimps too but I didn't have any so I served it with some Tean's Gourmet crispy prawn chilli (I seem to serve that with everything these days, addictive stuff).
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    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Ruan Lingyu & Li Lili 'Little Toys' 1933

    I recently watched the Stanley Kwan biopic/documentary Center Stage (1994) starring Maggie Cheung. The film follows the life of legendary Chinese silent film actress Ruan Lingyu and I realised that I would like to try and see some more of her films. Some years ago I was lucky enough to see her most well known feature The Goddess (1934) on the big screen at a film festival in London.
    Little Toys (Xiaowanyi) is a film she made in 1933 alongside friend and fellow actress Lili Li (pictured), directed by Sun Yu.

    Maggie Cheung Talking About Acting & Copyright in Art

    Monday, June 07, 2010

    Maggie Cheung Man Yuk - Your Views Please

    I'm preparing a podcast feature on Maggie Cheung and I'd love to know your favourite Maggie movies. From beauty queen to award winning art house actress and now film composer Maggie has had quite a career. Please let me know your favourite films and moments by either leaving a comment below or emaailing me : luckycatzoe at

    Thank you.

    Here are some of my favourite Maggie movies:
    • The Heroic Trio - female superhero caper co-starring Anita Mui and Michelle Yeoh. Here come the girls!

    • Center Stage - Stanley Kwan's Biopic of Chinese silent film star Ruan Lingyu (thanks to Dave @ Soft Film). Kwan lights her cheekbones beautifully and Maggie truly embodies the character of the glamorous and emotionally vulnerable movie star. An amazing wardrobe of qi paos rivalled only by....

    • In the Mood for Love - Wong Kar Wai's masterpiece. Celluloid yearning that breaks your heart and satisfies your soul. Maggie and Tony Leung act their silk stockings and cotton socks off (respectively).

    • Irma Vep - (pictured) Directed by Olivier Assayas (Maggie's now ex husband), a film about the film making process and French cinema in particular. Maggie plays herself, cast in a remake of Louis Feuillade's classic silent serial Les vampires. An amazing catsuit and some postmodern chortling.

    She may have started out as a bubblegum teen beauty queen but Maggie Cheung has developed into one of the finest actors on the planet. Maggie Cheung Man Yuk I drink to you, ganbei!

    Tuesday, June 01, 2010

    Funny Women - Comdedy night at Asia House 17th June

    PAWA (The Pan Asian Organisation of Women) presents a night of comedy with an all female line up.

    Shazia Mirza, award winning stand up comedian and columnist, is headlining. Joanne Lau, runner up in the 2007 Funny Women Awards is supporting and there will be a chance for brand new talent to showcase their comedy at the start of the evening. All hosted by Sajeela Kershi.

    Thursday 17 June 2010
    at Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP
    Doors 6:30pm & Welcome Drink
    Performance 7:00 - 8:30pm
    £12 (Members & Concession)
    £15 Non members

    (Ticket prices include welcome drink and bar nibbles)