Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Mira Stout / Korean cultural info

Korean/American writer Mira Stout was on last week's programme. We talked about her wonderful book One Thousand Chestnut Trees which is semi-autobiographical and tells the story of a young woman tracing her Korean roots.
Mira recommended the Korean restaurant Kaya in Albermale Street London for fancy Korean food. She also gave a recipe for Bulgogi.

Talking of all things Korean the Yohangza Theatre company are putting on A Midsummer Night's Dream at the Barbcian Theatre in London this summer,see:

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Playlist for 16th June 2006

  • The Butterfly Lovers - Excerpt from a Traditional Chinese Opera
  • Moonlight Reflected On The Water - Chinese Traditional Erhu Music
  • Tea Harvest - Lei Qiang, Erhu music
  • Peking Opera Melodies - from a Chinese Folk Music LP
  • Flowing Water - from Pekiing Opera melodies LP
  • Tzuyeh-Thundering Dragon - from Gongs & Drums Of The Peking Opera
  • Jet 747 - The Jets
  • A Thousand Changes Tonight - Jackie Chan & Anita Mui
  • Years Flow As Water - Anita Mui
  • Ying Tian - Karen Mok
  • Sweet Like Candy - Winston Williams
  • Jasmine - Chinese Traditional Erhu Music
  • The Flickering of the Candle Flame - Chinese Traditional Erhu Music

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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Win The Peacock King DVD

Hong Kong Legends ( have released this crazy Yuen Biao martial arts DVD based on the manga Kujaku-Oh, it's about the gates of Hell opening and Armageddon on Earth. Written by Izô Hashimoto (co-writer of Akira) it features claymation monsters and the Queen of Hell feasting o na human arm - what more do you want?! Oh yes, there's some excellent martial arts action too. I have one copy of the DVD to give away to a lucky winner! Yes, another competition, another FREE DVD yours by answering a very simple question:

The Peacock King also stars martial arts movie legend Gordon Liu (36th Chamber etc). Gordon more recently starred in Tarantino's Kill Bill II as Uma Thumran's Master. Who killed him in the movie? Name the actress (clue!) or character.

Email me with your answer: by Thursday 22nd June 2006. Competition open to UK and Europe only.

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repeated Tuesdays at 10am.