Thursday, June 05, 2014

Tibetan Dumplings

A while back I decided to try making Tibetan Momo dumplings from scratch!  I'd never made dumpling dough before and it turned out to be very difficult to work with.  The air was blue!  It was quite a hard and frustrating process as the consistency was tricky to get right - rolling out sticky dough and trying to clean the work top after was fun.  I swore I'd never make them again.   When it came to the eating though they really were quite marvellous and it was satisfying in the end. The taste was very authentic and the flavours were lovely.  I have to admit that I've since stocked up on frozen pre-made dumpling skins though!
This is the recipe I used:
After making 20 or so dumplings I got tired out and there was plenty of mixture left, which I friend up with rice the next day - yum.
I also made a cucumber salad on the side - the recipe was from the Ken Hom and Ching-He Huang book Exploring China (see the BBC TV series of the same name).  The coolness of the cucumber perfectly matched the fiery chilli and sesame oil dressing.