Monday, November 28, 2011

Megumi Mesaku (Miss Megoo) on this Saturday's Show

This Saturday (3rd December) I will have a special guest live in the studio: Megumi Mesaku aka Miss Megoo. Megumi is a fantastic saxophone player who has played with Ska Cubano, the Trojans and the Topcats. She has now embarked on a solo project, composing music and collaborating with different artists for The Megumi Project.
I will be chatting to Megumi about her new project, playing her brand new 10" record (which is a collaboration with the legendary Rico Rodriguez) and asking her more about the Kimono Girls' charity work following the earthquake in Japan earlier this year.

Megumi's Facebook page, Myspace and Youtube.
See also: Big Jay McNeely (a big musical influence of Mehumi's).

Tune in on Saturday 3rd December @ 3.30pm (UK) via 104.4FM in London or anywhere.

Lucky Cat Christmas Party 16th Dec

Continuing my regular DJ spot at Mango Landin' I am throwing a special Christmas Party with a guest appearance by the fabulous Black Elvis! Should be a real treat. Hope to see you there (it's free so what are you dithering about?!).

Facebook event Page
Mango Landin' web site

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lucky Cat S6 Ep7 (26th Nov 2011) Playlist & Podcast

Photo taken Shanghai 2011, myself and Cha Cha, copyright ZB.

Here's yesterday's show which features my interview with the amazingly talented singer and musician Cha Cha. I really enjoyed speaking with Cha Cha - the original interview was about an hour and a half so I had to cut to a lot of material but I hope I kept in the essence of Cha Cha's creative positivity and passion for music. Cha Cha also made some insightful comments about life in China, especially in a big city like Shanghai. It was truly a pleasure speaking wither her, I hope that you enjoy listening.
I think I'm a bit of a superfan now! Will bring you all the Cha Cha news as and when I get it, big tings a gwaan for this lady...


  • Uprooted Sunshine mix track - Cha Cha
  • Money Slaves - Cha Cha with Disrput (Bass Shelter EP on Jahtari label)
  • One Day You'll Know - Cha Cha & Rankin Joe (Randys label 10")
  • Love is the Drug - Kode 9 Spaceape feat Cha Cha (from the album Black Sun)
  • 神经末梢 (Shen Jing Mo Shao) - AM444 (from the CD album Eye Wonder)
  • Eye Wonder - AM444 (from the CD album Eye Wonder)
  • Eye Know - AM444 (from the CD album Eye Wonder)
  • 末日前相见 - Along with Cha Cha (exclusive)
  • Love song - Cha Cha (Clive Chin production, unreleased)

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Exclusive Cha Cha Interview on today's show

On today's show check out my exclusive interview with China's premier Reggae and Soul singer Cha Cha.

Based in Shanghai, Cha Cha has collaborated with a variety of international artists - The Bug, Kode 9, Rankin Joe (for Clive Chin's Randys label), Adrian Sherwood and Vibronics. Earlier this year Cha Cha teamed up with Dutch producer Jay Soul to form AM444 for the excellent funk/soul/dub album Eye Wonder.

Currently Cha Cha is at the Red Bull Music Academy in Madrid - the first ever mainland Chinese participant!

Recent collaborations have been with Chinese Hip Hop MCs and producers.

Earlier this year Cha Cha visited the UK for the first time and I recorded an exclusive interview where Cha Cha talks about her musical roots and the emerging Shanghai bass culture music scene.

Listen Live today at 3.30pm (UK) on Resonance 104.4FM in London or via anywhere.

See also:
Subculture Shanghai
Cha Cha on Red Bull Academy Radio

In Berlin? Cha Cha is performing at the Worldtronics Festival on 1st December with Disrupt - Reach!

Playlist & podcast for today's show uploaded shortly....

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lucky Cat S6 Ep6 (19th Nov 2011) Playlist & Podcast

For Episode 6 I am joined by musician, journalist and crate digger Chris Menist to discuss his forthcoming Dust to Digital compilation of Vietnamese music. Chris kindly brought in a killer selection of 45s. The 2 Vietnamese tunes are particularly beautiful, really looking forward to the compilation (should be out on vinyl - yey - in January 2012). Check out Chris' blog for info on upcoming DJ dates.


  • Hala Hala A Go Go - Wong Ching Yian (Singapore 7")
    Chris Menist's 45s:
  • Black A Black - The Eathopians (Crab Label 7")
  • Expensive Gasoline, Again! - Ream Daranoi (Thai 7", answer record to Expensive Gasoline 8 Announcers label)
  • Neu Co Xa Nhau - Phuong Tam (Continental label, Vietnamese 7")
  • Doc Chiec Tung Cau - Doc Tau (Continental label, Vietnamese 7")
  • Beyond the Last Mountain OST - Sohail Rana (EMI 7", Pakistani film score)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Paul Au's Vietnamese 45s

When I interviewed Paul Au at his record shop in Hong Kong I found out that he was originally from Vietnam. Paul was one of the many refugees who fled Vietnam for Hong Kong during the war in the 1970s. Paul had already been collecting records in Vietnam but had to leave them all when he left for Hong Kong. Over the years he has managed to collect all the records back again. These were not for sale but Paul was keen for me to take photos of the 45s to share online.
This Saturday crate digger, journalist, and music compiler Chris Menist (Soundway, Finders Keepers) will join me on Lucky Cat radio show. Chris is currently preparing a compilation on Vietnamese music for Dust to Digital and I hope he will bring some Vietnamese music to play on the show.
For now, here are Paul Au's recollected Vietnamese vinyl treasures:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lucky Cat S6 Ep5 (12th Nov 2011) - Edine Kwok's Mix

Here's Saturday's show. Please see my previous post for the playlist. Edine Kwok pictured. Thank you Edine for a lovely mixture of music for Lucky Cat.
Check out the Tramgirl Karaoke Facebook page here:

In this episode I blathered on about food I sampled in Shanghai. Highlights were Taiwanese peanut butter ice cream and Xinjiang lamb skewers (pictured above).
I also frequented bubble tea / crazy drinks emporium Happy Lemon. Cute graphics + ice milk tea with taro = happy.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lucky Cat Sat 12th Nov Playlist

Today Edine Kwok of the Marshmallow Kisses and Tramgirl Karaoke Club contributes an exclusive mix for Lucky Cat! Edine has has chosen some tracks which reflect her musical influences and she also shares some new tunes from her latest project Tramgirl Karaoke Club.
ZB's selection:
  • ChaCha riddim - Vibronics & Cha Cha (exclusive mp3) HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY Uprooted Sunshine crew!
  • Nanjing Rd 2011, Shanghai soundscape recorded by ZB 2011
  • Echoes of the Old Lanes - from CD The Sounds of Shanghai
  • The Alphabet - Astley Dixon (from the CD Noah Found Grace Jamaican Gospel, Social Music Records)

Edine's Mix:
  • Maskopet Movie - Tramgirl Karaoke Club feat Maskopet
  • Lalala I love your wongkarwaiish - Tramgirl Karaoke Club feat Emilio Jose
  • 回忆旋转舞步 - The Marshmallow Kisses
  • 爱的开始 - 姚莉 (Yao Lee)
  • Ce petitie coeur - Francoise Hardy
  • Shine - Dahlia
  • 爱情 I Know - Pink A
  • Talk to her - Tramgirl Karaoke Club feat - Treasure Teeth

ZB again:

  • It's Soon Be Done - Otis Wright (from the CD Noah Found Grace, compiled by WFMU DJ Kevin Nutt)

Sunday, November 06, 2011

The Grand Masters

Lucky Cat S6 Ep4 (5th Nov 2011) - Beijing Audio & HK 45s

Here's yesterday's show. Please see my previous post for the playlist. Photos shown here were taken in Jingshan Park, Beijing.

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Lucky Cat Sat 5th Nov Playlist

Today's playlist:

  • Audio recorded in Jingshan Park, Beijing April 2011
  • Can't Buy Me Love - Cantonese Version of the Beatles track
  • When I Saw Her Standing There - Cantonese Version of the Beatles track
  • Lonely Weekend - Kitty Lam (Diamond label 45)
  • Wonderful Life - Chang Loo (EMI EP, pictured)
  • Dim Moon - Chang Loo (EMI EP, pictured)
  • ? - Lucky Records 45 (pictured)
  • ? - HK EMI 45 (pictured, red/black/white cover)
  • Love of Rose - Kitty Lam (Diamond label 45)
  • Mama - Chang Loo (EMI EP, pictured)
  • Girls are Flowers OST - Connie Chan (from the 1966 film 姑娘十八一朵花, OST EP, pictured)
  • My Fantoms - Hong Kong in the 60's
  • Arcade Addict - Disrupt (Jahtari)

A big THANK YOU to Hong Kong in the 60's for their amazing jingle.

Lucky Cat every Saturday 3.30pm (UK) 104.4FM
Podcast to follow....

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Lucky Cat S6 Ep3 (29th Oct 2011) Playlist & Podcast

Image from KanZeOn: A mystical journey from the timeless to the modern looking at the role of sound in Japanese Buddhism
Dir: Neil Cantwell, Tim Grabham. Showing at Zipangu Film Festival.

For Episode 3 I am joined by writer and film curator Jasper Sharp to discuss his forthcoming book the Historical Dictionary of Japanese Cinema and Zipangu Film Festival.

  • Excerpt from Shaolin vs Evil Dead (Get well Gordon Liu)
  • Mad Witch - Dave Gardner (Buffalo Bop Horror Hop CD)
  • Lajabless Woman - Lord Executer(Supernatural Calypso CD)
  • Satori Part 1 - The Flower Travelling Band (from the album Satori)
  • Tokyo Nostalgia - Jiro Shinkawa (Star Parade Vol 9 King Label LP)
  • Pictures of Adolf Again - Jim O'Rourke (The Soundtrack to The United Red Army)
  • Doraemon - Doraemon OST

Paul Au - a True Vinyl Hero (photos part 2)

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

One More Day - Cha Cha +WordySoulspeak EP

Cha Cha+WordySoulspeak's new EP One More Day is on soundcloud now (free download)

ChaCha and Beijing DJ Wordy and producer Soulspeak team up for this Hip Hop/Soul EP.

Go Cha Cha! Great title track, do your ears a favour and download it!

Cha Cha news - Europe here she comes:

Monday 14th November - Montana Sagrada with ChaCha (live) - Club Nasti, Madrid

Thursday 1st December - Disrupt & ChaCha (live) - Worldtronics Festival, Berlin