Friday, December 30, 2005

Remembering Anita

Today's show on Resonance 104.4FM (1-2pm) celebrates the life of Anita Mui Yim Fong who sadly passed away on 30th December 2003.
The show will be repeated Tuesday 2nd Jan at 10am.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Thank you

On last week's show I played some Christmas themed tracks (yes, I will put the playlist up asap). Thank you to Simon for getting the Christmas tracks to me. Check out his marvellous web site:

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sammo Hung Kam Bo

My favourite Sammo movie is Prodigal Son (see Yuen Biao and Lam Ching Ying in the picture below). You can buy this and other great Sammo movies like The Magnificent Butcher at

Sammo links:

Pomelo Salad Recipe

Pomelo (see left)
Palm Sugar
Fish Sauce
Lime Juice
Dried Shrimps
Birds Eye Chilli
Fresh Mint

First pound the garlic in a pestle and mortar, add palm sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and chilli slices, pund up together to make the dressing. Add some dried shrimps and pound a little. Peel the pomelo and shred segments into a bowl. Pour the dressing over the pomelo. Get some plain shelled peanuts and either grill them or heat in a pan with no oil until brown. Crush the peanuts in the pestle and mortar and then mix into sald. Chop or shred the fresh mint leaves and add them to the salad. Mix up. Fresh, sweet, sour, spicy and delicious! Serve with honey roast chicken thighs and rice mmmmmmmmmmm.
Learn more about the pomelo here
Here's another pomelo recipe

Friday, December 09, 2005

Playlist for 9 December Show

Today's Lucky Cat show, 1 - 2pm (UK time) on Resonance 104.4FM contained these tracks:

  • Hank Williams tracks:
    It Just Don't Matter Now
    I just Don't Like this Kind of Living
    First Year Blues
    Rock Your Cradle
    My Son Calls Another Man Daddy
    Lonesome Whistle
    Roly Poly
  • Why Can't He Be You - Patsy Cline
  • Thank you for the Many Things You've Done - Cassandra (from the Babylon soundtrack)
  • Deh Pon Dem - The Soulettes
  • Appetite Blues - The Big Three Trio
  • Fattie Fattie - Clancy Eccles
  • Till the Well Runs Dry - Wynonna Carr

If you missed it the show is repeated Tuesday mornings 10 - 11 am

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pea Shoots / Dau Miu

The Dim Sum Lunch box on my 25th November show contained Pea shoots. Here's a good recipe:
Let me know if you have any nice recipes you wish to share!

Chai Tea Recipe

Sorry about the delay on this one folks! Here is Jamie's Mum's Chai Tea Recipe:

cardamom, 1 stick cinnamon, 2 or 3 cloves, 1 teaspoon grated fresh ginger, tea, 2 sprigs mint, milk, water
1) boil the cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger then add the mint

2) heat two cups of milk separately (or one cup of milk and one of water) then add the tea leaves just before boiling

3) bring the tea to the boil and add the spiced juices plus sugar to taste.

Let the spices stand for as long as possible before adding the tea. I like to add black peppercorns for a little extra kick.

Here are a couple of links: and

Friday, December 02, 2005

Playlist for Fri 2nd Dec Show

  • Where Have All the Flowers Gone - Poon Sow Keng
  • Yumeji's Theme - composed by Shigeru Umebayashi

    from the In the Mood For Love Soundtrack
  • Acerte Mas - Nat King Cole
  • Mission Impossible - Jackie Mittoo
  • Mr Postman - Cynthia Richards
  • Monkey Hips and Rice - Hank Jacobs
  • I Want to be Evil - Eartha Kitt
  • All the Young Punks - The Clash
  • Cantonese Opera music
  • Tea House in China Town - The Four Tops
  • Waiting for my Rude Girl - Fitzroy Campbell

Profile of Anthony Wong Chau San on today's show

On today's Resonance FM show there will be a profile of Hong Kong actor Anthony Wong (pictured above as Superintendent Wong in the brilliant 'Infernal Affairs'). Check out the
LoveHKFilm site for a biography of this talented actor. Anthony can currently be seen at cinemas in the UK in the movie '2 Young'

Monday, November 28, 2005

Playlist for Fri 25th Nov Show

  • 'Only Woman DJ With Degree' - Sister Nancy
  • 'Congratulations Baby' - Susan Cadogan
  • 'Feel Like Jumping' - Marcia Griffiths
  • 'Woman A Come' - Margarita
  • 'Wubangzxi' - UK Chinese Ensemble
  • 'Kung Fu Fighting' - The Maroons
  • 'Learn Chinese' - Jin
  • 'Straight Out of Canton' - The Notorious MSG
  • 'Natty Kung Fu' - Dillinger
  • 'Yearning of the Sword' - Tan Dun (pictured right) & Yo Yo Ma

Friday, November 25, 2005

Jack Tan from minquan special guest on Today's Show

On today's show I will be joined by special guest Jack Tan from , the Monitoring Group in Chinatown. We will discuss Minquan's Takeaway Racism Campaign and the representation of Chinese in the UK media as well as a review of the 3 Emperors Exhibition at the Royal Academy.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Playlist for 18th November Show

  • 'Xiyang Xiaogu/Flute an Drum at Sunset' - UK Chinese Ensemble
  • 'I'm just a Guy' - Alton Ellis

    Hortense Ellis (pictured above) selecion:
  • 'I'm just a Girl'
  • 'Life'
  • 'Sincerely'
  • 'Groovy Kind of Love'
  • 'Melody Life'
  • 'Stand By Your Man' - Merlene Webber
  • Javanese Gamelan music

Monday, November 14, 2005

Playlist for 12th Nov Show

  • 'Xingjie/Parade' - UK Chinese Ensemble
  • 'Zhuabgtai Qiusi/Autumn Thoughts at the Dressing Table' - UK Chinese Ensemble
  • 'Gangsters' - Special A.K.A
  • 'Baby Looka Here' - The Avalons
  • 'Shifting Sands' - The Nutmegs
  • 'Only Heaven Knows' - The Dovers
  • 'Guardian Angels' - Mahalia Jackson (pictured right) with Harpo Marx on harp
  • 'Jianghe Shui/ Flow of the River' - UK Chinese Ensemble

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Tung Choi

The dim sum lunch box on Fri 4th November contained tung choi, aka pak boung, ung choi, water convolvulus (try asking for that in a chinese restaurant!) or water spinach. You can buy it fresh in Chinatown and it is quick to prepare and delicious to eat. Wash and drain, chop a few times (it is very long with hollow stems, so maybe into 4 segments). Heat some veg or groundnut oil in a wok, add the leaves, a teaspoon of blackbean sauce and some fresh chillies and slices of fresh garlic. Stir up, add a little water. Ready to go in 3 mins. Have as a side dish with rice and meat or fried egg. you can add shrimp paste instead of blackbean sauce, or simply add dried shrimps, fish sauce, garlic and chillies. The possibilities are endless. Quick, easy, fresh and tasty. Fast food that is good for you :-)
Check out the Asia Food Glossary

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Playlist for 4th Nov Show

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Listen to mp3s from Friday 28th's Show

The nice people at have put up a couple of mp3s of my show - my 'Ong Bak' review and 'Tom Yum Goong' preview and my tom yum goong recipe. Go to the site and check out the links on the front page.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

My Tom Yum Goong recipe

As well as being the title of Tony Jaa's new film, this is a delicious Thai hot and sour soup. Very good if you have a cold.
First pound together in a pestle and mortar: galangal or ginger, garlic, chilli paste (the kind with dried shrimps in) and lemon grass (not green stalky bits). Heat some goundnut or veg oil in a big saucepan, on a low heat, add the paste and chuck in some dried shrimps. Stir. Then add some tamarind water (to get this you soak tamarind in a bowl for half hr or so then put though sieve so pulp not used) and some fish sauce. Add some more water too. Turn up heat. Add lemon grass stalks, rounds of sliced galangal/ginger, kaffir lime leaves, quartered mushrooms and any other veg you wish (eg baby sweetcorn, carrots, celery). Then add some fresh skinned and de-veined prawns. Bring to boil, simmer for 5-10mins. Serve in bowls, squeeze in fresh lime juice and top with coriander and fresh chillies (sliced). You can also add slices of fish cake too if you wish. Yummy Tom Yum Goong.
Click here for the Import Food recipe

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Playlist for Fri 28th October's Show

  • 'Bear Cat' by Rufus Thomas
  • 'Tom Cat' by Muddy Waters
  • 'Rocking Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu' by Huey Piano Smith and the Clowns
  • 'Hong Kong Flu' by The Ethiopians
  • 'The Bug' by Jerry Dallman and the Knightcaps
  • 'Fever' by Alvin Robinson
  • 'Cool Water' by Hank Williams
  • 'Coconut Wate'r by Robert Mitchum
  • 'Dead Shrimp Blues' by Robert Johnson
  • 'The Yearning of the Sword' by Tan Dun and Yo Yo Ma
  • Muay Thai music
  • 'Farewell' by Tan Dun and Yo Yo Ma
  • Beijing Opera music

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Tony Jaa - Feature on Friday 28th Oct's Show

This Friday's show features a review of 'Ong Bak' plus info on Asia's biggest new star Tony Jaa. For all the Tony news visit this brilliant site:

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Resonance 104.4FM Show 14th October 2005


  • 'Bear Cat' by Rufus thomas (the show's theme)
  • 'Hound Dog' by Big Mama Thornton
  • 'High Heel Sneakers' by Tommy Tucker
  • 'Slip In Mules' by Sugarpie De Santo
  • 'I'd Rather Go Blind' by Etta James

    Anita Mui (pictured right) selection:
  • 'Seemingly is that Old Friend Comes'
  • 'The Heart Debt'
  • 'The Legend'
  • 'Not Envy Genie only the Mandarin Duck'
  • 'Marriage Fat is Detained'
  • 'Love You 1100 Times All the Life'

Special Guest in the studio was Jabez Lam from The Monitoring Group Minquan talking about the Take Away Racism campaign which is tackling racism against the British Chinese Community.

The dim sum lunch box contained Dried Shrimps. I used them to make a Thai style Green Mango salad. In Cantonese they are called 'ha mei' because 'mei' means rice and the shrimps are so small they look like a tiny rice grain. Here is a picture of a market stall selling dried shrimps in Vietnam (below).

For a chinese recipe using dried shrimps click here. They are always a handy ingredient to have around as they are very flavoursome and can liven up soups, stir-frys and salads. Normally you can buy them in little packets like this (see left)

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Playlist for Resonance FM show Fri 7th Oct 2005

'Bear Cat' by Rufus Thomas
'The Kitty Cat Song' by Lee Dorsey
'Lonesome Whistle' by Hank Williams
'Texas Hold Up' by Prince Buster
'Bo Diddley's a Gunslinger' by Bo Diddley
'An Old Story' by Poon Sow Keng (pictured right)
'It's Springtime Again' by Poon Sow Keng
'Where Have All the Flowers Gone' by Poon Sow Keng
'We Met in a Dream' by Poon Sow Keng
'Al Capone' by Prince Buster
'Ice Cream Man' by Leslie Uggams

Lotus Root

This week's dim sum snack was lotus root marinated in soya sauce, ginger, garlic, sesame oil and a little sugar. You should boil the peeled root slices in water for 5 mins with a little lemon juice or vinegar (so that they do not turn a grey colour). Then you plunge inot cold water and marinate in the mixture. You can mix in black sesame seeds too if you wish. Leave in the fridge and eat the next day. Keeps for a week in the fridge. This is a Korean recipe. For more info on the lotus root have a look here.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Lucky Cat Show on Resonance 104.4FM

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