Monday, January 31, 2011

Podcast & Playlist Lucky Cat Series 5 Ep3 (29th Jan 2011)

For Episode 3 I was joined by Adam Torel of Third Window Films. Third Window distribute East Asian films in the UK - mainly Japanese titles - that are not just your average action / horror shockers. I spoke to Adam about how he selects films for distribution and some of the key directors that Third Windows showcase; Miki Satoshi, Sion Sono and Tetsuya Nakashima. I shall be reviewing Nakashima' upcoming release Confessions in Episode 5 of Lucky Cat.
The controversial Confessions of a Dog (pictured above) - an expose of corruption in the Japanese police - will be shown on 16th Feb at the ICA in London.
The first East Winds Film Festival is in Coventry 11th to 13th February.

Adam Torel is also a keen vinyl collector and kindly brought in some of his J-Pop and Northern Soul treasures.


    Tonight - The Chantals (7" Jpop)
    Carnival - Apache (7" late 1970s Jpop girl group, copy of the band Candies, see also Pink Lady)
    Japanese Title - Soft Cream (7" 80's idol Jpop)
    A Ton of Dynamite - Frankie the Love Man Crocker (Turbo label 7")
    Gold of My Life - Mixed Emotions (7" on Rockway label 1975)
    The above selections are all from Adam Torel's record bag.
    Going to the River - Eric 'Monty. Morris (Blue Beat label 7")

The Dim Sum Lunch Box contained a review of Japanese / Brazilian restaurant Sushinho.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lucky Cat Podcast Series 5 Ep 2 (22nd Jan 2011)

Here's last week's show, please see the playlist below.

Coming up this Saturday 29th Jan:
I will be joined in the studio by Adam Torel from Third Window Films. The Third Window Films brand was born in 2005 when its film-loving founders grew bored of the stream of worn-out shock horror vehicles from the Far East. Previous releases have included Memories of Matsuko (Tetsuya Nakashima, Japan), The President’s Last Bang (Sang-soo Im, Korea) and’s film of the year Love Exposure (Sion Sono, Japan). Adam Torel will be spinning some of tracks from his collection of 1960s Northern Soul and 80s J-pop as well as discussing Third Window’s releases and the upcoming East Winds Film Festival.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lucky Cat Sat 22nd Jan 2011 - Playlist

Here's the playlist for today's Resonance FM show, Lucky Cat Series 5 Episode 2 (Sat 22/01/11 15:30).

  • Bullet Dub - The Aggrovators (this is played throughout the show whilst I'm talking)
  • Kowloon Hong Kong - The Reynettes
  • Shaolin Temple - Barrington Levy(Reggae Vs Martial Arts Trojan CD)
  • Gu Zheng Fight - Clip from the movie Kung Fu Hustle
  • Wandering Horse Hero - from the LP Cantonese Mental Music
  • Samurai Showdown - RZA(Ghost Dog soundtrack).
  • Rattlesnake Daddy - The Sauceman CBrothers with their Hillbilly Quartet (The Rich R Tone Story LP)
  • Oyrad Un Dagu (Mongolian Song From The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region) - from the CD Mongolia - Living Music Of The Steppes
  • Song of the Fisherman - Wang Ren-mei (Shanghai Lounge Divas CD)
  • Guns Fever (Blam Blam Fever) - The Valentines(Trojan Box Set: Rude Boy CD)

Korean Avant Garde - Music & Films @ Cafe Oto

If you're in London town tonight why not pop along to this:
Balloon and Needle: The New Korean Avant Garde
(Three Day Residency)
@ Cafe Oto
Exploring the unique sonic and visual world of a group of young South Korean artists and noise makers.

Choi Joonyong (cracked CD players)
Hong Chulki (turntables)
Ryu Hankil (self‐made electro‐acoustic instruments)
Jin Sangtae (cracked hard‐drive)
Lee Hangjun (16mm film projection)

Collaborations from UK artists such as Benedict Drew as well.


Singaporean Chinese New Year's Fish Platter

Here are the results of today's dim sum lunch box. It was crunchy, fresh, zingy, salty, sweet and deeeeeelicious! Listen in today (3.30pm Resonance 104.4M) for full details. Podcast available in the next few days.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Movie Trailers A Go Go

This week's radio show is a Movie News special, here are some trailers for films I'll be talking about:

Shaolin - Classy martial arts movie with a stellar cast.

The Gallants
- Postmodern 70's Kung Fu film pastiche featuring Chinese American rapper Jin.

Tsui Hark is back in the game with Detective Dee.

Blimey Andy Lau's been busy, here he is again in a rom com remake of What Women Want with the majestic Gong Li.

It's nearly Lunar New Year, and this looks like the perfect holiday movie. The Shaw, TVB, Sil-Metropole, and Mei Ah film I Love Hong Kong features Eric Tsang and Sandra Ng.

Nicholas Tse, Yey! Dante Lam's new film Stool Pigeon.

Korean film The Housemaid, a remake of Kim Ki-young's 1960 classic (Park Chan Wook cites the orignal as one of his favourite films).

Noir Martial Arts Coming Soon

Just seen these poster pics from the upcoming Wong Kar Wai film The Grandmasters. Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Zhang Ziyi star, I have high hopes for this one! More info as and when I get it, see: (warning pics of Tony Leung in white jeans! Also a track suit - vintage suits suit you much better Tony.)
Hope the soundtrack is up to usual WKW standard of greatness. This has been in production for a while, I think Tony Leung broke his arm whilst shooting which held things up.
Please let this gets a decent UK theatre release with good promotion.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lucky Cat Playlist & Podcast Series 5 Ep1 (15th Jan 2011)


  • One Day You’ll Know - Cha Cha & Ranking Joe (Randy's, Clive Chin production 2010, collector's item 10" vinyl, Rico Rodriguez rhythm)
  • Egyptian Reggae – Jonathan Richman (7" vinyl, 1977)
  • Track Name in Chinese - Rebecca Pan Wan Ching (Diamond LP)
  • Saying Farewell to My Brother - Zhou Hsuan and Yao Min (Pathe 100 CD)Z
    Check out for podcasts on popular shanghai music from the 1930s. I also did a two part special on the Seven Singing Stars of Shanghai last series, still available on podomatic.
  • L'Ile Nue - Hikaru Hayashi (7" OST from the Japanese film Hadaka No Shima aka L'Ile Nue aka The Island 1961)
  • Flower of Quince House – Hong Kong in the 60's (Places EP, available as a free download)
  • Plait Skank - Youth Man (Count Shelly label 7")
  • Never Get Caught - Soom T & Disrupt (Ode to a Carrot 2XLP or download from
  • Down the train line -Stranger and Patsy (7" Gayfeet label, produced by Sonia Pottinger who sadly passed away last year)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Better Life Shanghai Screening

Here is part 1 of the single screen version of Isaac Julien's Ten Thousand Waves, called Better Life, with composers Chop (sound artist Zen Lu and Polish experimental musician Grzegorz Bojanek) providing a live improvised soundtrack.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Lucky Cat Series 5 Starts Sat 15th Jan on Resonance FM

Happy New Year! Series 5 of Lucky Cat will begin on Saturday 15th January, 15:30 on Resonance 104.4FM (listen live online via

Episode 1 features an interview with British artist Isaac Julien who discuses his most recent film installation Ten Thousand Waves which was shot in China and features actresses Maggie Cheung and Zhao Tao.
(A wonderful catalogue featuring stills from the installation is now available).

This week’s Dim Sum Lunch Box contains Singaporean New Year’s Fish Platter.

I do hope you can listen in - go on, put some Chinese Reggae in your jeggae!

All suggestions, requests etc to : luckycatzoe at

"A Spicy Mix of Black and Asian Culture" -
"I haven't heard music this good since the John Peel show" - Joey Leung, Terracotta Film Festival
"Zoë throws together a tasty chop suey of reggae, blues, and vintage Asian pop for her fabulous radio show" - David Wells @ softfilm.blogspot