Saturday, January 22, 2011

Lucky Cat Sat 22nd Jan 2011 - Playlist

Here's the playlist for today's Resonance FM show, Lucky Cat Series 5 Episode 2 (Sat 22/01/11 15:30).

  • Bullet Dub - The Aggrovators (this is played throughout the show whilst I'm talking)
  • Kowloon Hong Kong - The Reynettes
  • Shaolin Temple - Barrington Levy(Reggae Vs Martial Arts Trojan CD)
  • Gu Zheng Fight - Clip from the movie Kung Fu Hustle
  • Wandering Horse Hero - from the LP Cantonese Mental Music
  • Samurai Showdown - RZA(Ghost Dog soundtrack).
  • Rattlesnake Daddy - The Sauceman CBrothers with their Hillbilly Quartet (The Rich R Tone Story LP)
  • Oyrad Un Dagu (Mongolian Song From The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region) - from the CD Mongolia - Living Music Of The Steppes
  • Song of the Fisherman - Wang Ren-mei (Shanghai Lounge Divas CD)
  • Guns Fever (Blam Blam Fever) - The Valentines(Trojan Box Set: Rude Boy CD)

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