Saturday, July 25, 2015

Playlist for Last Episode of Lucky Cat Series 10

Just me and my vinyl today on 104.4FM or at 3.30pm (UK time).

  • China Gate - Guardian Angel (12" on Matumbi label)

  • Schoon ver van jou - George de Fretes en zi ju kurontong orkestra (Indonesian Folklore LP, Decca)

  • Baby Piano - Wendy Cooper (Playtime Series 7", EMI/HMV)

  • The Way Back Blues - Erroll Garner (The Most Happy Piano LP, Columbia)
  • How About You - Sister Rosetta Tharpe (Gospel Train LP, Mercury)
  • Tears  
  • - Dai Lin Chuang (Mayar Records LP, made in Hong Kong)
  • Tobago Lollipop - Lord Kitch (Kitch 67 LP, RCA)

  • Long Road   漫漫長路上- George Lam (EMI LP)
  • Ten Times Sweeter - Winston Francis*(PAMA LP)

  • Les Desesperes - Jacques Brel (Barclay/Fontana LP)

  • But Not For Me
  • Erroll Garner (The Most Happy Piano LP, Columbia)

    *Note this is mistakenly credited to Tony Gordon

    Thanks for listening, I'm off for a summer break now.  Lucky Cat will return.....

    Wednesday, July 22, 2015

    Lucky Cat Sat 18th July 2015 - Hong Kong in the 60s

    Here is last Saturday's show with Chris and Mei Yau from Hong Kong in the 60s.
    We talked about their new EP The Small Sound, Mei Yau brought in some old cassettes, Chris brought in a nice Sublime Frequencies CD and I played some vinyl.
    The dim sum lunch box was filled with leftovers (ma pao dofu and emperor chicken) and snacks (lizardfish lollipops, garlic crisps and Korean onion rings).

    Download The Small Sound EP FREE!

    Listen to the show here:


    • Oh Ya Ya - Rajah Ahmad & Dengan Dendang Irama (from the CD Pop Yeh Yeh: Psychedelic Rock from Singapore Malaysia  1964-1970, Sublime Frequencies label)
    • Out in the Cold – Hong Kong in the 60s (from the EP The Small Sound
    • Vienna International Centre - Hong Kong in the 60s (from the EP The Small Sound
    • Rock around the Clock  - Sam Hui (Mei Yau's Polydor cassette) 
    • Unchained Melody (Cantonese version) - Dai Lin (Hong Kong LP on the Mayar label)
    • Happy Birthday Little Sister - Queenie Chan (Mei Yau's Cantopop cassette) 
    • Baby Piano - Wendy Cooper (HMV EMI Playtime Series 7")
    • China Gate - Guardian Angel (12", prod by Matumbi)

    For more pics see my Instagram: luckycatzoe

    Lizardfish about to be lollipopped!

    Monday, July 20, 2015

    Lucky Cat 11th July 2015 - PJ Rox

    On Saturday 11th July I was joined by London based singer song writer PJ Rox.  I talked to PJ about her musical career and she played her song Lana live on the piano int he studio.

    Find out more about PJ Rox by following her on Twitter:

    Saturday, July 11, 2015

    Lucky Cat Sat 4th July 2015 - Anne Witchard (playlist and podcast)

     In last week's Lucky Cat I talked to Dr Anne Witchard about her new book British Modernism and Chinoiserie which examines the ways in which an intellectual vogue for a mythic China was a component of British modernism.  Chinoiserie was revived in in London’s avant-garde circles, the Bloomsbury group, the Vorticists and others, who like their eighteenth-century forebears, turned to China as a cultural and aesthetic utopia.

    We also discussed the current exhibition at the Met in New York: China Through the Looking Glass
    The Shirley Temple film I reference is Stowaway from 1936 (see pic below). 

     You can listen to the show here:

    Broke - The Marshmallow Kisses
    Season of Wind - Anita Mui Yim Fong
    Kemayoran - Grup Bamba Puang (Discover Indonesia CD)
    Padang Magek - Sawir Sutan Mudo, Nurasni, and Zaidir SK (Discover Indonesia CD)