Monday, January 07, 2013

Happy 2013! January DJ Gig with Chris Menist

Greetings kittens! Hope you had a lovely festive season. Happy 2013 to you all. This one is going to be slippery - it's the year of the sneaky snake starting in February.

I will be back at Mango Landin' on Friday 18th January alongside special guest selector Chris Menist.

Chris and I will be spinning vintage vinyl treats from all over the world for you. Chris has an amazing collection so I am really looking forward to hearing his crate digger's selection!

I recently purchased PB02 and PB03 45s on the Paradise Bangkok record label (little Xmas prezzie to myself!). A must for any collector of East Asian vinyl. Available at Soul Jazz or Boomkat.

Sadly there is a problem with my (admittedly ancient) amp so I cannot record vinyl at the mo'. Therefore no tasty New Year online mix for you, apologies. I hope you won't be too disappointed with an mp3 mix until I can get the amp fixed (or buy one of these)

So - got any new year resolutions? I am considering setting myself the task of watching all of the top 200 Lovehkfilm movies this year. What a great countdown, presume In the Mood For Love will be in the top 5.....

Hope to see some of you on the 18th @ Mango to chase away the January blues!