Saturday, June 27, 2015

New Music from China

On this week's show I play a mix of new music from China.  Tune in to 104.4FM at 3.30pm (UK time).


From Genjing Records (
Golden Cage - The Fuzz (7")
Mirror in My Mind - Carsick Cars (7" A side)
Yoko - Carsick Cars (7" B side)

From Dalian the band Wang Wen:
Dalian Sky - Wang Wen (Eight Horse LP)
Welcome to Utopia - Wang Wen (Eight Horse LP)
Escape from Mother Universe - Wang Wen (Eight Horse LP)

From Beijing:

Tracks from Yang Fan's LP What Happened After 1001 Nights LP (cover pictured left):
Arabian Night
Arabian Princess
Blue Night River
The Fly Flies

From Metal Postcard Records we go to Hong Kong for a fantastic piece of Snoop inspired Hip Hop:
Low Profile (lower mix) - Little Albert feat Kwokin
Then back to Shanghai:
Dark Show (Forrane remix) - AM444

Friday, June 19, 2015

Lucky Cat 13th June Playlist and Mixcloud link - Duck and Rice Review

On this show I review the new Alan Yau venture; Chinese gastropub and dining room The Duck and Rice on Berwick Street in Soho (pictured above, more pics below).
I also review a hidden gem in Puntey - Japanese restaurant Tomoe.

Listen here:

  • Spirulina - Chronixx (Dread and Terrible CD)

  • Lonely Soldier - Gregory Issacs (7" on Impact!)

  • Good Time Gal - Roza Eskanazi (Women of Remebetica CD)

  • River of No Return - Johnny Teo and the Stylers (I Love Boh Boh Cha Cha 7" EP Panda Records)

  • (1-2-3-4-5-6-7) Count the Days - Inez and Charlie Foxx (Greatest Hits LP Direction label)

  • Chicken and Rice - Young Tiger (London is the Place for Me vol 4 CD, Honest Jons)

  • Mockingbird - Inez and Charlie Foxx (Greatest Hits LP Direction label)

  • French Fried Potatoes and Ketchup- Amos Milburn and His Aladdin Chickenshackers (Rock, Rock, Rock LP, Route 66)

  • Love Wound - Lia Xiao Mei (7" EP, GMER)

  • In Your Arms - Roy and Patsy (7" on Bluebeat)

  • I Hear Hawaii Calling - Johnny Pineapple & His Orchestra (Hawaiian Holiday 7" EP, BRAVO!)

  • Photos of The Duck and Rice:
    Some starters:

    Behold!  Venison puffs (were 3, one escaped!).  DA BOMB as the kids might say.

    Spring rolls.  Meh.

    Salt n Pepper Squid. Ma ma hou hou (so so).
    The mains:
    Gai lan with sailfish.  YUM. Umami.

    Half a roast duck.  Glistening.  Beautiful anise flavour.

    STAR OF THE SHOW!  Slow cooked beef short rib.
    Now I know what I want  on my last meal list.  Righteously unctuous and damn fine.
    What no Huy Fong? Thai brand Sriraja Panich make an appearance at every table.
    Not Huy Fong but pretty good :)

    Beautiful ceiling tiles
    Me and my best pal.  Very happy.

    Tomoe photos coming soon...

    Tuesday, June 16, 2015

    Lucky Cat 6th June Playlist and Mixcloud link - Sriracha Sauce

    Sat 6th June 2015

    This week's show was dedicated to srirahca sauce. I concentrate on the story of the Huy Fong brand.

    Pictured here with its soulmate mayonnaise!

    Named after a coastal town in Thailand Sriracha sauce is now a global phenomenon.  In particular the Huy Fong brand has become an international cult favourite.  There have been songs, cookbooks and even a documentary about Huoy Fong brand sriracha sauce.

    The brand is named after the Tawianses freighter ship that brought founder David Tran to Hong Kong as a refugee from Vietnam in 1978.  From Hong Kong David Tran went on to California USA and started making the now much beloved sriracha sauce.

    Listen to the show here:


    • Hey Boy Hey Girl - Derrick and Patsy (Nu Beat label 7")

    • Silhouettes - Frankie Lymon (Woo-Hoo! Roulette Story CD)

    • Chilli Was Hot
    • - Ruth Wallis (7" Party Favourites EP, Wallis Recordings) 
    • Pepper Sauce Mama

    • - Charlie Campbell and his Red Peppers (Barbecue Any Old Time CD, Old Hat Records)
    • I Get A Kick out of You

    • - Frank Sinatra (Songs for Young Lovers LP, Capital)
    • Little Red Rooster

    • - Sam Cooke (Greatest Hits CD)
    • Setting the Woods on Fire

    • - Hank Williams (40 Greatest Hits CD)
    • Dreamer of Love

    • - instrumental track from Taiwanese LP Dancing Music)
    • Promise of Return

    • - Yao Lee

      Monday, June 15, 2015

      Lucky Cat 23rd May Playlist and Mixcloud link - Damacha

      New Music from China!  I played new tracks from Damacha from his new album Tuhaojin 土豪金 (translates as kind of 'uncouth nouveau riche people') on the Subculture label (album artwork by 33 above). Hold on to your bass bins folks!  Bass in your face sounds satirising post-Deng Xiaoping era Bling China.....

      ·         The Toughest – Peter Tosh (The Toughest - LP on the Heartbeat label) ·         Tearing – Damacha (from the album Tuhaojin 土豪金)
      ·         Ming Ming Ai – Damacha (from the album Tuhaojin 土豪金)·         Scraping the Bear - Damacha (from the album Tuhaojin 土豪金)·         GeiNiDat - Damacha (from the album Tuhaojin 土豪金)
      ·         I’m Going to Like it Here – (Flower Drum Song soundtrack LP)·         Chop Suey – (Flower Drum Song soundtrack LP)·         Talk About Love – Pat Kelly and then Dillinger comes in with First the Girl   (12” on the Chanan-Jah label) Great extended DJ version!·         Stay - Li Xiao Mei (Chinese 7" EP)

      I asked listeners to vote for their favourite Japanese street food and I cooked up the winning dish; yakisoba noodles!  I used a mixture of recipes:

      You can find a pic of the noodle sand lots of other lovely things on my Instagram feed:


      If you've been listening to the show you'll know that I'm currently obsessed with the song Silhouettes, written by Bob Crewe. Here are some of my favourite versions.  If you know any others please feel free to leave a comment.

      The original recorded by The Rays:

      Little Frankie Lymon:

      The Ronettes, (This features audio from the recording - Phil Spector giving direction.  Ronnie giving it back!):

      In Reggae:

      The Sensations:

      The Crown Prince of Reggae Dennis Emmanuel Brown:

      Jamaican keyboard player pianist Winston Wright (he played on the famous Liquidator by Harry Js Allstars:

      This is NOT the song, or indeed the American Doo Wop group The Silhouettes (of Get a Job fame, named after the Bob Crewe song).  However I stumbled across this whilst searching for versions on Youtube and this is great, a Chinese cover of I Wanna Hold Your Hand by The Beatles:

      Monday, May 18, 2015

      Lucky Cat Sat 16th May - Kawaii Petit Koenji Special

      Saturday's show was a Kawaii Petit Koenji Special!  I visited the wonderful shop Petit Koenji in Tooting Market and interviewed owner Sabrina Tobuchi, Gizmo also joined in!  

      I reviewed Be My Baby, available 

      Do let me know your favourite Japanese street food : luckycatzoe  at

      Photos of Petit Koenji shop below courtesy of Stella Makinwa. 

      Listen here: 

      I Will Never Grow Old - Toots and the Metals (Coxsone LP)
      Doraemon Theme - Doraemon OST
      Unknown Japanese 80s Anime Pop 7"!
      Unknown Japanese 80s Space Anime Pop 7"!
      Una Sera Di Tokyo - The Peanuts (King Hit Parade vol 5 LP)
      A-Ha - The Peanuts (EMI Columbia 7")
      Poetry in Motion - The Peanuts (King Hit Parade vol 5 LP)
      Ein Weiss SchiffThe Peanuts (EMI Columbia 7")
      All I Have is Love - Gregory Isaacs (7")
      Lovely Ginza - Atsumi Oomae (King Pop Parade LP)

      Saturday, May 16, 2015

      Kawaii Special on Today's Lucky Cat

      This week's show is a kawaii Japanese pop culture special! I interview Sabrina Tobuchi in Tooting's kawaii emporium Petit Koenji. Plus a review of Japanese indie youth movie Be My Baby, directed by Hitsohi One; and Japanese street food in the dim sum lunch box.

      More photos of Petit Koenji coming very soon....
      3.30pm 104.4FM

      Friday, May 08, 2015

      Lucky Cat Series 10 Episode 7 (2nd May 2015)

      This week's show was co-hosted by my daughter Lina, we discussed the upcoming film Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon II and the Asia House Bagri Foundation Literature Festival (7th - 18th May)


      Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon – Tan Dun and Yo Yo Ma (from the OST CD of same name)
      Shanghai – Freddie Notes and the Rudies (Trojan label 7”, A side)
      I Can’t Stand the Rain – Elaine Montague (Hums label 7”)
      Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day - Freddie Notes and the Rudies (Trojan label 7”, B side)
      Heigh Ho – from the 7” record of Disney’s Snow White and The Seven Dwarves
      I’m a Bird – foxtrot from the Taiwanese LP Dancing Music
      Penny Reel – Eric Morris (UK Island label 7”)
      Mount Zion – Desmond Dekker and the Aces (UK Island label 7”)
      Dark Show – AM444
      Homeward Bound – cha cha from the Taiwanese LP Dancing Music
      Dis Oh Dis! – Line Renauld (7”)
      Gee Baby Gee - The Butterflys (The Red Bird Story Vol 2 LP, Charly label)
      Karate Boogaloo - Jerry O