Monday, May 02, 2016

Lucky Cat Series 11 Episode 24 - Tofu Teriyaki Rolls

Here is the last episode of Lucky Cat Series 11, featuring lots of great records and Tofu Teriyaki Rolls. Big thanks to the Resonance FM Saturday engineers.
Lucky Cat Series 12 will start on 11th June.....


I've Got to Get You Off My Mind - The Tennors (UK Island 7")
Twelth of Never - Pat Kelly (UK Island 7")
Man to Man - Kentrick Patrick aka Lord Creator (UK Island 7")
I'm Sorry - Jimmy Cliff (Bluebeat 7")
Shad Roe - Paul Quinichette (Basie-ite EmArcy 7" EP)
Take the A Train - Duke Ellingon feat Betty Roche (London 7")
Samie - Paul Quinichette (Basie-ite EmArcy 7" EP)
You Don't Know - Peggy Lee (Fever Capitol 7" EP)
Man from Galilee - Otis Wright (Glory 7")
Don't Stay Away - Phyllis Dillon (Treaure Isle 7")
Sweet Baby of Mine - Ruth Brown (Popcorn 7")
Hit the Road Jack - Big Youth (Trojan 7")

Recipe for Tofu Teriyaki Rolls:
Cut up a small block of firm tofu into 2cm chunks.
Mix up some...
Teriyaki Sauce
Soya Sauce
Large spoon of honey
Add the tofu chunks
Marinade overnight in an air tight tupperware container - you should turn the container so all sides of the tofu get marinaded. 
Fry the tofu chunks in a big frying pan using organic coconut oil.  Turn to brown the sides.  Put into a bowl.

Now you are ready to make the rolls. You will need:
10" rice paper rounds
4 Spring onions, chopped finely lenghtways (approx 3" long)
Fresh mint sprigs
Fresh coriander, lightly chopped
Beanspouts sprinkled with some drops of rice vinegar.

Make the rice paper rounds soft by immersing in hot water for 30 seconds or so (Use a frying pan or dish that is large and round with 2" depth as the rounds need to be submerged in the hot water.  Use chopsitcks to fish out).

Once soft put the rice paper round on a plate and add your ingredients on the round about 1" in to the centre.  The fold over and tuck in the sides then continue to roll over until you have made a lovely little roll!  This web site gives step by step instructions with pictures, take a look:

Your technique will improve the more rolls you make. 

Serve with Mae Ploy sweet chilli sauce for dipping.

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