Monday, January 31, 2011

Podcast & Playlist Lucky Cat Series 5 Ep3 (29th Jan 2011)

For Episode 3 I was joined by Adam Torel of Third Window Films. Third Window distribute East Asian films in the UK - mainly Japanese titles - that are not just your average action / horror shockers. I spoke to Adam about how he selects films for distribution and some of the key directors that Third Windows showcase; Miki Satoshi, Sion Sono and Tetsuya Nakashima. I shall be reviewing Nakashima' upcoming release Confessions in Episode 5 of Lucky Cat.
The controversial Confessions of a Dog (pictured above) - an expose of corruption in the Japanese police - will be shown on 16th Feb at the ICA in London.
The first East Winds Film Festival is in Coventry 11th to 13th February.

Adam Torel is also a keen vinyl collector and kindly brought in some of his J-Pop and Northern Soul treasures.


    Tonight - The Chantals (7" Jpop)
    Carnival - Apache (7" late 1970s Jpop girl group, copy of the band Candies, see also Pink Lady)
    Japanese Title - Soft Cream (7" 80's idol Jpop)
    A Ton of Dynamite - Frankie the Love Man Crocker (Turbo label 7")
    Gold of My Life - Mixed Emotions (7" on Rockway label 1975)
    The above selections are all from Adam Torel's record bag.
    Going to the River - Eric 'Monty. Morris (Blue Beat label 7")

The Dim Sum Lunch Box contained a review of Japanese / Brazilian restaurant Sushinho.

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