Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sammo Hung Kam Bo

My favourite Sammo movie is Prodigal Son (see Yuen Biao and Lam Ching Ying in the picture below). You can buy this and other great Sammo movies like The Magnificent Butcher at

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styles said...

A girl that likes reggae, the movie Rockers, kung fu movies and cooking asian food..?! Miaow Lucky Cat!

Have you seen the Shaw brothers movie 'Invincible Pole Fighters'? As well as great martial arts, it has some legendary dubbed dialogue that would be great on your show!

"...Buddha's name be praised. Young man, I can see in your eyes a great rage and sorrow. Hardly condusive to leading a life of contemplation..."

"Reverend..! I'm all alone...I've nowhere to go...i'm a hunted man!"

"Young man, unlesss you dismiss all wordly thoughts you can never become a monk"

"Reverend..! I'll shave my hair..! Nobody can stop me..! Reverend sirs, don't stand in my way. I will give up the world to be a monk..!

My friend who's a hip hop producer and movie fan laid the dialogue over a hip hop beat. It sounds great!

Mail me at and i'll send you an audio file!


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