Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lucky Cat Sat 12th Nov Playlist

Today Edine Kwok of the Marshmallow Kisses and Tramgirl Karaoke Club contributes an exclusive mix for Lucky Cat! Edine has has chosen some tracks which reflect her musical influences and she also shares some new tunes from her latest project Tramgirl Karaoke Club.
ZB's selection:
  • ChaCha riddim - Vibronics & Cha Cha (exclusive mp3) HAPPY 6th BIRTHDAY Uprooted Sunshine crew!
  • Nanjing Rd 2011, Shanghai soundscape recorded by ZB 2011
  • Echoes of the Old Lanes - from CD The Sounds of Shanghai
  • The Alphabet - Astley Dixon (from the CD Noah Found Grace Jamaican Gospel, Social Music Records)

Edine's Mix:
  • Maskopet Movie - Tramgirl Karaoke Club feat Maskopet
  • Lalala I love your wongkarwaiish - Tramgirl Karaoke Club feat Emilio Jose
  • 回忆旋转舞步 - The Marshmallow Kisses
  • 爱的开始 - 姚莉 (Yao Lee)
  • Ce petitie coeur - Francoise Hardy
  • Shine - Dahlia
  • 爱情 I Know - Pink A
  • Talk to her - Tramgirl Karaoke Club feat - Treasure Teeth

ZB again:

  • It's Soon Be Done - Otis Wright (from the CD Noah Found Grace, compiled by WFMU DJ Kevin Nutt)

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