Sunday, November 27, 2011

Lucky Cat S6 Ep7 (26th Nov 2011) Playlist & Podcast

Photo taken Shanghai 2011, myself and Cha Cha, copyright ZB.

Here's yesterday's show which features my interview with the amazingly talented singer and musician Cha Cha. I really enjoyed speaking with Cha Cha - the original interview was about an hour and a half so I had to cut to a lot of material but I hope I kept in the essence of Cha Cha's creative positivity and passion for music. Cha Cha also made some insightful comments about life in China, especially in a big city like Shanghai. It was truly a pleasure speaking wither her, I hope that you enjoy listening.
I think I'm a bit of a superfan now! Will bring you all the Cha Cha news as and when I get it, big tings a gwaan for this lady...


  • Uprooted Sunshine mix track - Cha Cha
  • Money Slaves - Cha Cha with Disrput (Bass Shelter EP on Jahtari label)
  • One Day You'll Know - Cha Cha & Rankin Joe (Randys label 10")
  • Love is the Drug - Kode 9 Spaceape feat Cha Cha (from the album Black Sun)
  • 神经末梢 (Shen Jing Mo Shao) - AM444 (from the CD album Eye Wonder)
  • Eye Wonder - AM444 (from the CD album Eye Wonder)
  • Eye Know - AM444 (from the CD album Eye Wonder)
  • 末日前相见 - Along with Cha Cha (exclusive)
  • Love song - Cha Cha (Clive Chin production, unreleased)

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