Monday, June 07, 2010

Maggie Cheung Man Yuk - Your Views Please

I'm preparing a podcast feature on Maggie Cheung and I'd love to know your favourite Maggie movies. From beauty queen to award winning art house actress and now film composer Maggie has had quite a career. Please let me know your favourite films and moments by either leaving a comment below or emaailing me : luckycatzoe at

Thank you.

Here are some of my favourite Maggie movies:
  • The Heroic Trio - female superhero caper co-starring Anita Mui and Michelle Yeoh. Here come the girls!

  • Center Stage - Stanley Kwan's Biopic of Chinese silent film star Ruan Lingyu (thanks to Dave @ Soft Film). Kwan lights her cheekbones beautifully and Maggie truly embodies the character of the glamorous and emotionally vulnerable movie star. An amazing wardrobe of qi paos rivalled only by....

  • In the Mood for Love - Wong Kar Wai's masterpiece. Celluloid yearning that breaks your heart and satisfies your soul. Maggie and Tony Leung act their silk stockings and cotton socks off (respectively).

  • Irma Vep - (pictured) Directed by Olivier Assayas (Maggie's now ex husband), a film about the film making process and French cinema in particular. Maggie plays herself, cast in a remake of Louis Feuillade's classic silent serial Les vampires. An amazing catsuit and some postmodern chortling.

She may have started out as a bubblegum teen beauty queen but Maggie Cheung has developed into one of the finest actors on the planet. Maggie Cheung Man Yuk I drink to you, ganbei!


Anonymous said...

Yay... I can't wait!

I love all the ones you mentioned. Here are couple more of my favorites:

Boys Are Easy - One of my favorite Wong Jing comedies. Maggie has a hilarious scene when she impersonates a tough triad girl in order to win the heart of Jackie Cheung

Green Snake - Maggie steals the show as the naive but righteous snake spirit. She's both fierce and sexy in this one.

Ashes of Time - Even though she essentially has only one scene, Maggie gives a tour-de-force performance in my favorite WKW film.

Augustin, King of Kung Fu - Sadly this French film seems to have flown under the radar of most Maggie Cheung fans, but it's an absolutely charming movie. The movie is a funny and touching portrait of a geeky Asiaphile who falls in love with his Chinese doctor (played by Maggie).

Lucky Cat said...

Thanks Dave. I think I can get a copy of 'Augustin, King of Kung Fu' so will watch asap. Not seen 'Boys are Easy' but I do like the very silly Wong Jing comedy kung fu film 'Flying Dagger' starring Maggie. I bought it on VHS years ago when I went into a charity (thrift) shop and bizarrely they had 20 copies of it! Best 50p spent in a long while.

Mark Wu said...

Definitely In the Mood for Love, but I thought she was pure HK girl in Jackie Chan's Police Story series!

Louise said...

I only know her from In the Mood for Love she was perfect for the part. Unfortunately that's the only film I know to comment on - I will be trying to get my hands on her other films in the coming month - hopefully I'll have more to say soon!