Monday, February 15, 2016

London International Ska Festival - Bid in the Resonance FM Fundraiser!

Yes folks it's that time of year, the annual Resonance FM fundraiser is in full swing!

There are many fabulous items and experiences on the auction site not least the AMAZING deal of two wristband tickets to the London International Ska Festival worth £130 each.
Ebay bidding on these tickets starts 17th Feb, see: and help us stay on air!

I've attended the festival in previous years and am looking forward to going this year - a top notch selection of live acts and DJs.  For me the highlight will be the makers of best Rocksteady LP ever - Carlton and The Shoes!

Happy bidding. Thanks to the generosity of the London International Ska Festival and thanks to you the listeners for your donations.  Without your help we could not broadcast from the best radio station in the world* Resonance FM.
*Stewart Lee says so!

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