Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pickled Mooli

One stinky snack that tastes great!

Mooli is a large radish with a watery, crunchy and peppery taste.

One cup of vinegar, third of a cup of sugar, third of a cup of water - mix in a bowl. Peel the mooli (use half a large mooli) and thinly slice and slice again in halves. Peel and chop some fresh ginger (2 inch piece or more). You can also add soem chopped chilli if you like. Put in a suitable jar and Pour over the sugar/vinegar/water mixture. Shake it. Refrigerate for at least 10 days before trying. Shake the jar every now and then to show you care.
You can drain the mooli and ginger and add it to stir frys or snack on it or have it as an accompaniment.

With left over mooli you could make mooli paratha?

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