Thursday, April 02, 2009

King Boxer & 36th Chamber of Shaolin, new DVD editions

Weinstein label Dragon Dynasty has released two Kung Fu classics on DVD with new interviews, commentaries and extras:

  • King Boxer aka The Five Fingers of Death starring Lo Lieh
    New commentary by Quentin Tarantino. Classic Shaw Brothers action from 1972, check out the glowing red fists! Lo Lieh gets to play the hero in this one, he went on to play a lot of villains, as in the next release....
  • 36th Chamber of Shaolin
    The 1978 classic that should be on every true martial arts film lover's shelf. Gordon Liu in an iconic role as the young hero.
    New commentary from Wu Tang Clan's RZA.

Brian White, formerly of the now dissolved Hong Kong Legends DVD label, is working with Dragon Dynasty. Read all about it here.

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