Monday, July 06, 2009

Lucky Cat Mix 2009 - Typhoon

A recent mix of music I put together for a CD to be played at Typhoon, Yellow Earth Theatre's play reading festival.
Track listing:
1.'Drinking Song' - Hanggai ('Introducing Hanggai' CD)
2.'Kargashai' - Mamer ('Eagle' CD)
3.'Rain in London' - Michio Miyagi ('Masterpieces in Koto' LP)
4. 'The Love Eterne' (aka 'The Butterfly Lovers' opera) soundtrack extract - Betty Loh Ti & Ivy ling Po
5.'Kiss of Spring' - Yao Lee ('Miss Yao Lee' vinyl LP)
6.'Daegeum Solo (Peaceful Times)' - Kim Seong-jin (Victrola Fvourites CD)
7.'Aaj Ki Raat' - Mhd. Rafi ('An Evening with Mohd. Rafi' vinyl LP)
8.'Dragons Play With Pearl' - track from 'Cantonese Mental Music' vinyl LP
9.'Shaolin Temple' - Barrington Levy ('Reggae Meets martial Arts' Trojan CD)
10.Vietnamese track from 'Hot Women Singers from the Torrid Regions' CD)
11.'Musical War' - Roy Shirley ('Roy Shirley: Legend' CD)
12.'Voice of Spring' - Deng Bai Ying
13.'I Love Boh Boh Cha Cha' - The Stylers (vinyl 45 EP)
14.'Sixteen Tons' - Chang Loo
15.'Sukiyaki' - Kong Ling & The Fabulous Echoes (LP of Hits Vol 2)

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