Friday, April 02, 2010

Lucky Cat Club - Fri 30th April @Arts Bar

To celebrate series 4 of the radio show Lucky Cat (last episode next Thursday 8th April) I'm having a party. I've invited special guest Jean-Paul Séculaire (Right On! club and author of the London Dossier) to do a DJ set. I'll be playing too of course, vintage sounds from Shanghai to New York - from Yao Lee to Brenda Lee! Chef Malcolm will be running an East Asian bakes n' cakes stall and I'll be screening Shaw Brothers films on the walls of the lovely Arts Bar.

Arts Bar is tucked away above the Funky Monkey in Camberwell, a great bar with plenty of room to dance as well as sofas to lounge on.

So get your cheongsams drycleaned now!

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