Thursday, July 15, 2010

New Release on Randys Label - Chinese Reggae!

The brand new limited edition 10" vinyl of Shanghai singer Cha Cha and Jamaican DJ Ranking Joe is out now! The track One Day You'll Know is a combination duet with Cha Cha singing in Mandarin and Ranking Joe toasting in English over a Rico Rodgriguez rhythm. Produced by Mr Clive Chin (Randys, Impact!), who recorded Cha Cha whilst in China on tour last year.

1. One Day You’ll Know- Cha Cha & Ranking Joe
2. One Day You’ll Know Dub – Rico & The Alpha Boys

1. One Day You’ll Know – Cha Cha
2. Rico Special (Reloaded) – Rico & The Alpha Boys

Available at Dub Vendor Records. Only 500 pressed, this is a real collector's item that I heartily recommend you invest in!
The tune is perfect for summer and has a really nice vibe to it, plus you get the original rhythm track instrumental too. I am a big fan of Cha Cha's (see also her tunes on the Jahtari label and upcoming Adrian Sherwood LP Dub No Frontiers) and am pleased that her singing is equally good as her toasting/rapping.

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