Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Where It All Began Part 2

Following on from my earlier post here is another book that I remember from my childhood. When I was in Paris earlier this year and at the amazing department store Compagnie Francaise de l'Orient et de la Chine I saw a copy of this book on the shelf and my heart fluttered nostalgically. I hadn't looked at the book in years and was pleasantly suprised to find some revolutionary Chinese art cards tucked inside when I opened it (see bonus section below). The book has page after page of amazing acrobatic feats all depicted in glorious Technicolor. Here are just a few for you:

Looking at this picture I remembered being fascinated by an episode of Sesame Street where Big Bird visited China and met some 'lions'. Wasn't there a big dog on Sesame Street who looked a bit like a Chinese lion? After some research (Googled it!) I found this clip where Big Bird and the dog (Barkley) are taught a few Chinese words by a very cute little girl:

Back to the book and another ingenious way of holding a vase:

Bonus Section: Revolutionary Chinese Art Cards
Positive depictions of agriculture and industry.


Jason said...

Lovely pics of an era, thanks for sharing.

Mei Yau said...

Thanks for posting these great pictures and for sharing your Chinese journey!

What a cute clip from Sesame Street! And very brave of them to feature China at the height of the Cold War. I wonder where I could get an outfit like that little girl's...

howardo said...

You can purchase the chickens feeding in London China town, along with lovely silk Butterflies -