Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas - Rebecca Pan Wan Ching LP Side B

Here's Side B, hope you enjoy listening.
Good news - Lucky Cat Series 5 will be on air from Saturday 15th January 2011 15:30-16:30 UK time. You will be able to listen live on Resonance FM or wait until I podcast the shows.
Seasons Greetings, why not try some wasabi mayo in your turkey sandwiches? :-)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Zoë! Many thanks for the Rebecca Pan LP. I'm enjoying it right now. :D

Best wishes for 2011! Looking forward to your new series.

Lucky Cat said...

Thanks Dave, looking forward to broadcasting again. Glad you are enjoying the LP, the actual record is red vinyl, lovely.

joey said...

lovin it!

JohnC said...

iam a record collector for many years..found this album in a thrift store for a quarter may years ago..I believe ofall my 10s of thousands of albums this is my all time favorite..Thank God you have appeared so that others may be enriched by this archangel of regards always my friend, respectfully John Cothes.

Lucky Cat said...

Thanks Joey. John C, what a lovely message, I am touched!