Monday, May 02, 2011

Lucky Cat Series 5 Episode 11 (23rd April 2011) Podcast & Playlist

Joey Leung is in the studio to discuss the Terracotta Far East Film Festival. Joey also talks about his favourite custard bun! It was mighty fine too, not stingy on the custard filling and encased in soft pastry, yum.
Check out all the films showing at the Terracotta Festival here:

This is the last Episode of Lucky Cat Series 5. Whilst off air I will be podcasting so check this blog or join the Facebook group. Alternatively you can email me luckycatzoe at to be added to the mailing list for random update emails.


  • 回憶,旋轉,舞步 (Memories Swirling Dances) - Marshmallow Kisses (from CD Ciao Baby - great 60's cover art, see above)
  • Love Without End - from the Lin Dai film, not actually sung by Lin Dai dubbed bvy another singer - not sure who?!
  • Eye Wonder - AM444 (Cha Cha & Jay Soul)
  • Broke (我們搖搖欲墜 Station Mix) - Marshmallow Kisses (from CD Ciao Baby)
  • Where Have All The Flowers Gone - The Peanuts(Hit Parade Vol 5 LP)
  • Slow Running Water? - Amy Yip EP
  • Summertime - Jackie Mittoo
  • Mimi & The Five Petals track, more to follow from this great LP....

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