Thursday, July 07, 2011

龙神道 Long Sheng Dao - Chinese Reggae Band

I've been meaning to investigate this band since Steve Barker (On the Wire) meetioned them to me when I met him in China earlier this year. Their name translates roughly as The Way of the Dragon God I think. Loving the gu zheng Reggae sounds on this track. They also seem to be into uptempo Ska sounds as well. They released their debut album earlier this year. I hope to get hold of a copy to play on Lucky Cat Series 6 (coming to a radio/computer near you soon).

They have a:
Myspace page
and a
Facebook page

Rea more on the Beijing Gig Guide

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Wryly said...

Class! You're picking up on a few things I've been enjoying recently. I loved another of those MOGO clips where they play a version of 'The Heart Guides The Way' with the zither, that's quite different to the album version. I've cut the album version to the MOGO footage and put it up on You Tube. It's easy enough to find.