Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Lucky Cat S6 Ep 15 (25th Feb 12) Podcast & Playlist - Final episode of Series 6

For the last episode in the series I was joined by fellow Resonance FM contributor and HK film fan Ricky Lorrio. Ricky shared his passion for Godfrey Ho ninja films as well as bringing in a few favourite tracks.
The photo shown is a still from the Godfrey Ho film Ninja Terminator

  • No More Doggin - Rosco Gordon (Jumping The Shuffle Blues: Jamaican Sound System CD)
  • Seemingly the Old Friend Comes - Anita Mui (from the soundtrack of Rouge)
  • Sonny - Betty Chung (from the LP Wild Flame EMI label)
  • Give Me Back My Pork Pie Hat - Ronnie Gordon and the Constituents (from the forthcoming CD Ronnie Gordon Speaks His Mind)
  • Theme to Yojimbo - Jason Moran
  • I'm Gone - Shirley and Lee (Blank JA 7")

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