Friday, July 06, 2012

New British Chinese Talent: Actor/Director Eldarin Yeong

Eldarin Yeong is currently taking the MA Text and Performance (directing) course at Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts and has directed the upcoming play The Ghost Sonata.

"An encounter between a poor student and a mysterious Old Man on a Sunday morning changes the fate of both forever. Encouraged by his adventurous nature, the young man decides to make his fortune by accepting the Old Man’s bargain, and gets himself invited into the admiring House of Colonel. It isn’t until he falls deeply in love with the Colonel’s daughter that he realises he has stepped into the House of Dead…"

For more info on Eldarin see:

The Ghost Sonata will be on at the Chelsea Theatre, King's Road 18th - 21st July.

I bumped in to Eldarin at the Chinese Visual Festival as she was leaving some flyers for the play.  Hopefully I might be able to catch up with her for series 7 of Lucky Cat (coming to a radio/computer near you from Moon Festival time, details soon).

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