Monday, December 17, 2012

Edine Returns! This time it's Vinyl - Hurrah!

Edine Kwok aka Tramgirl Clubber aka one half of The Marshmallow Kisses has a fabulous new record out!  And when I say 'record' I mean it - Edine has brought out a beautiful white coloured vinyl 7"EP.

You may remember Edine from series 6 of Lucky Cat when she contributed a super cool mix of her favourite songs plus her own music.  Edine has now teamed up with US based Lisle Mitnik and the partnership has produced great results.

Check out the lush retro-tastic video for her song with Lisle Mitnik et son Orchestre The West Coast:

This is out now on the Elefant Records label. Vinyl is 500 press limited edition.  Mp3 versions are available too.

Edine and Lisle Mitnik et son Orchestre also feature on the Elefant Records Christmas compilation with their lovely floaty retro-pop Spector influenced Xmas Day.

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