Monday, August 19, 2013

Indigogo Fund Raiser for Lucy Sheen's Plays

Please help raise funds for writer, director and actor Lucy Sheen to bring her plays to the London stage.
Lucy was a guest on Lucky Cat back in 2011 just before she appeared in the three woman solo show produced by True Heart Theatre, IN THE MIRROR: Three women, three stories from Chinese diaspora.I was fortunate enought to see the production and was very impressed with Lucy's autobiographical story of trying to assimilate into white suburban UK life after being adopted from Hong Kong as a baby.  Lucy is a fabulous actress and clearly a talented writer to boot.  I would love to see this story along with new work ICU, on the London stage and reaching a wide audience.  Fund raising sites seem to be the way to go these days to get interesting independent art out to the hungry audiences fed up of homogenised clap trap!  Please give a little (or a lot)...

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