Monday, October 13, 2014

Lucky Cat Supper Club Photos

I am pleased to say that last Friday's first ever Lucky Cat Supper Club was a belt busting success!  The food was appreciated and everyone had a wonderful evening.  I played a mixture of vinyl to create an ambience; Poon Sow Keng, Nat King Cole, Desmond Dekker, Josephine Siao Fong Fong, Fats Domino and Patsy Cline.

Here are some photos of the night:
My husband assembling the Vietnamese chicken soups 
Teapots to serve the chicken broth - diners pour the broth into their own bowls
Part of the trio of starters - prawn lettuce wraps
Chicken soup bowls ready for the broth
Char siu pork with fresh mint garnish. Mmmmm.
Pudding: Pandan coconut (kaya) pots with fresh fruit salad

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