Monday, October 19, 2015

Lucky Cat S11 E03 - Naoko the Rock!

Zoë and Naoko outside Resonance FM Oct 2015

Here's the mixcloud link to the show with very special guest selctor Naoko The Rock.  It was wonderful to have her on the show, she brought along some wonderful musical treasures to share!
Once again this was a 100% VINYL show.

-Okinu Koita - listed as A Popular Song (from the Brazilian LP Quadro Musical do Japao, Columbia label) 
The rest of the selection is from Naoko:
-Ringo - The Skatalites (green 10" Top Deck label)
-Hungy Man - The Deacons (green 10" Top Deck label)
-First Come First Served - The Sound Dimensions (Coxsone LP Reggae Time)
-Metro - Mute Beat (from the LP Flower, Overheat Records label)
-Fu Manchu - The Dreamlets (Rocka-Shacka 7")
-Tell Them Lord - The Wailers (7" blank)
-There's a Reward - Joe Higgs and Roy Wilson (Wincox Records label 7") 
-Instrumental track (Treasure Isle label 7")
-In the Rain - Keith Hudson (Mamba label 7")
-Grow Closer Together - Gregory Isaacs
-Fever - Melanie [Melonie] Waters (Pin Up Records 7")    

We talked about the first track Ringo and how it was originally a Japnese folk song famously sung by Hibari Misora.  I found out that Hibari Misora sings this in the film Ringo-en no shōjo (aka The Girl from Ringo Park aka The Girl from Apple Park) in 1952. Here she is singing it in a film followed by a later clip of her singing on Japanese TV (looks like the 1970s):

This 1963 Jazz version predates the Skatalites version (1965), perhaps this was the influence?:


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