Saturday, November 21, 2015

Lucky Cat S11 E07 - Andy Martin on Chinese Cinema

Here's last weeks' show where I was joined writer and musician Andy Martin to discuss his book Chinese Cinema: A Study of Chinese Films from 1905 to 2005.

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Andy Martin's Top 10 Hong Kong Films

1. Dangerous Encounters of the First Kind directed by Tsui Hark

2. Boat People directed by Ann Hui

3. Tiger Cage directed by Yuen Woo Ping (produced by Michelle Yeoh's ex husband Dickson Poon, fact fans)

4. Daddy, Father and Papa directed by Clifton Ko Chi Sum

5. Men Behind the Sun directed by Mou Tun-Fei
This film documents unbearable atrocities carried out by the Japanese in a chinese prisoner of war camp in Harbin. I watched a clip on Youtube and it is so disturbing I am unable to post anything.  I notice is turns up in this list of the 50 most disturbing movies of all time!
Go search for yourself.  This looks so horrific, I cannot watch!

6. Cageman directed by Jacob Cheung

7. Young and Dangerous directed by Andrew Lau

8. 15 directed by Royston Tan, set in Singapore

9. Too Young directed by Derek Yee starring Jaycee Chan (Jackie's son)

10. Beseiged City directed by Lawrence Ah Mon

Andy recommends this East London shop for all your HK movie needs: Umit & Son


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