Sunday, September 14, 2008

Plum Valley dim sum for Autumn Moon Festival

Today I went to Chinatown with my family and we saw the lion dance for the Autumn Moon Festival. There were also some stalls an other entertainment going on, organised by the London Chinatown Association.
We decided to go to the new restaurant Plum Valley on Gerrard Street as I had heard good things about it. It is kind of a budget version of Hakkasan. Black wooden minimalist interiors with seating booths. I do like a booth. Also handy with small children as they can be 'trapped' in between 2 people in a booth (my daughter is very curious and constantly trying to escape). We ordered some dim sum and a couple of noodle dishes. All excellent. The prawn and chive dumplings had a nice spicey kick to them, the lo pak ko (turnip cakes) were exquisite (not greasy or rubbery and packed full of shrimps and pork). Lucky Cat recommends!
After that we went to the bakery next door and I bought a mini lotus seed paste moon cake. An afternoon well spent.


Jim O'Shea said...

One of the chraming things abouty Manchester Chinese restaurants, at least in the past, was the absolute tolerance of children. It was great they way they were allowed to run around.
BTW what happened tot eh resonance programme and where can I get the Monkey Oolong Tea track played awhile back (perfect plastic pop)?

Lucky Cat said...

I have found most Chinese restaurants to be very child friendly.Actually the manager at Plum Valley was going around giving all the kids little biscuits.
Monkey Brand Oolong Tea is by Japanese group Shonen Knife, mostly available on CD but I did manage to get a vinyl LP of theirs on ebay.
Not sure what is happening re Resonance show, waiting to hear...
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