Sunday, February 08, 2009

Anna Chen on Lucky Cat Tuesday 10th Feb

I am pleased to announce that writer, broadcaster and performer Anna Chen will be taking over an episode of Lucky Cat this Tuesday 10th February. Anna will be joined by East Asian film expert and writer Jasper Sharp and Liberal Democrat Merlene Emerson who is a member of the Morecambe Bay disaster committee.
Anna and guests will discuss the life and career of Chinese American film star Anna May Wong. Then there will be information on the 5 year anniversary of the Morecambe Bay disaster and unauthorised worker's rights in the UK.
If you wish to donate to the Morecambe Bay Victim's Fund please visit this web site:

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Anonymous said...

thanks so much for raising awareness of the fund, i have just donated.

this was a preventable tragedy and as a british person i'm really ashamed that we'd let something like it happen