Thursday, May 28, 2009

Manga Cross Stitch Book

Writer Helen McCarthy has a new book out next month, the wonderfully original Manga Cross Stitch.
Helen was a guest on my show earlier this year and was very insightful on the subject of live action manga adaptations (we were talking about the Death Note movies and 20th Century Boys). It seems that not only is Helen an expert on manga, anime and Shochu cocktails she's pretty good with a needle and thread too. The book shows that these world's need not be separate - you can stitch a yakuza wielding a bloody samurai sword whilst sipping on a Shochu cocktail and watching My Neighbour Totoro. Sounds like a fun night in to me!
More about Helen McCarthy and the new book here at her web site:
Check out the Facebook page here.

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LOL... that's so cool!