Friday, May 08, 2009

Terracotta Far East Film Festival

The Prince Charles Cinema in London's glittering West End (handily positioned near my favourite Chinatown restaurant Mr Kong's) presents the Terracotta Far East Film Festival.
The programme runs from 21st - 24th May and features zombies, anime, wuxia martial arts, schoolgirl martial arts, muay thai, Taiwanese drama, Korean noir and Cantopop prince Aaron Kwok. Check out the web site:
Legendary Assassin will be screened on Sat 23rd May and it looks like a good old school martial arts film from Hong Kong. It's directed by Jacky Wu Jing and Li Chung Chi and Jacky also stars. I remember Jacky from the excellent Yuen Wo Ping movie Thai Chi Boxer back in '96. Some great calligraphy with ponytail in that! He was also in the ultimate crazy wuxia epic Zu Warriors from Magic Mountain directed by Tsui Hark. Talking of Tsui Hark, see my next post......

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great!

If you hear of any festivals in the NorthWest, please post about those too, I can distribute through my networks.