Thursday, August 20, 2009

1963 Shaw Brothers Calendar part 2

Let's go back again to Hong Kong in 1963 when the Shaw Brother's leading ladies were glamour personified.

July - Margaret Tu Chuan
Bardot-esque pose from the beautiful star of Madam White Snake.

August - Ivy Ling Po
Co-star to Loh Ti in The Love Eterne, the Huangmei Opera singer is hugely popular and is still performing in concert today. In 2007 Ling Po led the celebrations for Shaw Brothers founder Sir Run Run Shaw's 100th Birthday. A good article on Ling Po can be found at the Action Queens blog.

September - Fanny Fan
Another hairspray tastic hairdo from the Hong King sex kitten. Stills from the movie Angel with the Iron Fists in which she starred with Lily Ho can be found here. Over at the blog Soft Film they are big Fanny Fan fans!

October - Yi Kuang
As with Julie Shih Yen from part 1 of the calendar, I confess that I know absolutely nothing about this actress. Please help if you can, thanks.

Novmember - Li Hsiang Chun
Another actress from the 1963 Shaw Brothers smash The Love Eterne.

December - Diana Chang Chung Wen
This pose reminds me of a 1950's Joan Collins glamour photo. Strange cardigan choice though. Diana Chang Chung Wen can be seen in the Shaw Brothers 1966 adaptation of the classic novel Journey to the West titled The Monkey Goes West.

Well, that's all folks. Check out Magicpoe's Channel on YouTube for some excellent 1970's documentaries on Shaw Brothers.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Thanks for posting these.

Ling Po looks uncharacteristically girly with her curls and barrettes.

Yi Kuang was a star from Taiwan, and I believe the cousin of Jimmy Wang Yu, who made films for Shaw Brothers' rival studio Cathay/MP&GI. I'm surprised to see her in this Shaw calendar, since as far as I know she never made any films for them.

Diana Chang's cardigan is indeed unusual, but I like it! It's very tribal.

Anonymous said...

v lovely again!