Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Support Investment in Community Radio

If you are a UK citizen who believes in community radio then please sign this online petition. There are many great community stations accross the UK who deliver original and diverse programming run by volunteers, including Resonance FM.

Lend your support to a campaign for greater public investment in community radio. Last month a letter signed by 82 community radio leaders, media scholars and experts was sent to the Prime Minister in which the case for higher public investment in community radio was made. It argued for an increase in the Community Radio Fund's budget (to view the letter, go to: Pursuant to this action a petition was launched in support of this cause.

Show your support for greater investment in the Community Radio Fund by signing the following petition:

The Fund was initially set up in 2004 with a budget of £500,000 for 14 community radio broadcasters. However, since then community radio in Britain has blossomed while the budget has stagnated. £500,000 must now provide for over 200 broadcast licensees.

This matters because community radio provides a broadcasting platform to voices that would otherwise be overlooked by media outlets. Resonance FM is a paradigm of this model with regular shows for community interest groups. Furthermore, the community radio industry has created over 400 jobs, involving over 10,000 volunteers and serves a potential audience of over 10 million people. This is a social service for diverse groups across the entire country.

For a full list of UK community radio stations see Ofcom's list:

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