Thursday, March 11, 2010

7 Singing Stars of Shanghai (Part 1) Playlist

  • Ye Shanghai – Zhou Xuan (Shanghai Divas Lounge CD)
  • Clip from the film Street Angel, the song Four Seasons is sung by Zhou Xuan.
  • The Wandering Songstress – Zhou Xuan (Shanghai Divas Lounge CD)
  • When Will We Meet Again – Zhou Xuan (Pathe 100 CD)
  • Tell Me – Zhou Xuan (Pathe 100 CD)
  • Picking Betel Nuts - Zhou Xuan (Pathe 100 CD)
  • This Love is Not For Me - Yao Lee (Shanghai Divas Lounge CD)
  • Who Does Not Care – Yao Lee (Miss Yao Lee Sings, vinyl LP)
  • Kiss of Spring – Yao Lee (Miss Yao Lee Sings, vinyl LP)
  • 3 tracks from the Woo Ing Ing Pathe 100 CD
  • Jin Xi He Xi - Bai Guang
  • Forgotten Woman - Bai Guang

Youtube resources:
Hsiamoon’s Channel
Durian Dave’s Channel
Clip of Tang Wei singing the Zhou Xuan song Four Seasons to Tony Leung in Lust, Caution.

Modern Chinese films set in Shanghai:
Shanghai Triad dir by Zhang Yimou

In the Mood for Love
dir by Wong Kar Wai

*Lust, Caution dir by Ang Lee
*Eighteen Springs dir by Ann Hui(Anita Mui’s last film role)

* These films are adaptations of novels by Eileen Chang. Eileen is a 1920s Shanghainese novelist. Translated versions of her books are available. Find out more about her here.


Anonymous said...

Great show, Zoë!

Let me just add another great resource: the unfortunately short-lived blog Ambuscade from Ten Sides, which features English lyrics for Zhou Xuan's "Ye Shanghai", "The Wandering Songstress", and "Picking Betel Nuts" plus lots of other great stuff.

Lucky Cat said...

Thanks Dave.
Yes Ambuscade... is a great blog, I was hoping the author would resume posting soon :-(