Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lucky Cat Podcast Series 4 Ep 6 (25/2/2010)

Here's the podcast of the Park Chan-Wook special. Not much music this episode but lots of interesting discussion of the Korean film maker's work from Mira Stout and Alex Fitch.
The lunch box contains Korean vegetable and crab stick sushi rolls, baby anchovies in a malt syrup and some rather strange looking chilli pickled vegetables (rhinzomes, carrots etc). All food was purchased from the Centre Point Korean supermarket.

Mira Stout's best selling novel One Thousand Chestnut Trees in soon to be republished.
The film that Mira mentions at the end of the programme is Treeless Mountain, by female director So Yong Kim, find out more here.

Alex Fitch interviewed Park Chan-wook for Wheel Me Out magazine, now available online.


  • Chang'gu Dance (Dance Solo) - Chung Woong ('Traditional Music From Korea' CD)
  • Vampire - Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra ('Ska Para Toujou' CD)
  • Korean folk song from a vinyl LP of a trio of female Korean singers.
  • Jesus Gave Me Water - Sam Cooke & The Soul Stirrers ('Gospel 1939-1952' CD)
  • While The Blood Runs In Your Veins - Josh White ('Les Triomphes du Blues' CD)

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