Thursday, May 27, 2010

C.F.O.C - Paris shopping

As my earlier post states I visited a wonderful store whilst in Paris recently. It has been there since 1966 I think - Compagnie Francasie de l'Orient et de la Chine (170 Boulevard Haussman). Due to the bad exchange rate and my lack of funds in general I was unable to go totally crazy and buy an antique deco light or a wonderful cherry red 1950's fish shaped clock. I did however pick up these little gems:

A double happiness (shuang xi) mug perfect fro either beer or tea (the sight of soya-milky tea in a glass mug gives me a warm glow, can't explain why).

Monkey! I paid too much for this but my heart wouldn't let me leave the shop without it. I wondered if it had started life as a jar, like the nutella or mustard jars you get in France with cartoon characters on. I remember getting some lovely Chinese honey jars/glasses until Chinese honey was banned here in the UK for a while.

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