Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ai Wei Wei @ Somerset House

I was very pleased to hear the news that Ai Wei Wei had been released (on bail) yesterday. In an earlier post I mentioned all not being a bowl of ju-jube berries when I visited China. The media control in society was difficult to swallow for me and I really felt it whilst I was there as when I visited Hong Kong Ai Wei Wei had just been arrested and it was all over the media. When I entered back into mainland China it was Ai Wei Who? I didn't see anything in the media at all. I'm sure young people were talking about it in code online but the air was strangely silent. I also had not realised the still marked difference between Hong Kong and mainland China media.

Here are some photos of my visit to the Ai Wei Wei sculpture exhibit at Somerset House in London last month. I thought it really suited the setting and I enjoyed my visit tremendously (as did my little 'kitten' who you can see splashing around in the fountains).

If you haven't been there are only a few days left so make a plan and visit!:

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