Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dragon Mix

Today's Dragon Mix Playlist:

  • The Dragon King - from Monkey: Journey To The West "Instrumentals" CD promo track (Damon Albarn and co.)
  • Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon - Tan Dun and Yo Yo Ma fromt he soundtrack of the film of the same name
  • Enter the Dragon - The Upsetters (from the LP King Fu Meets the Dragon a Lee Perry classic)
  • Theme from Enter the Dragon
  • Escape from Dragon House - Dengue Fever
  • Pete's Dragon - Excerpt from the Disney Read-A-Long record
  • Double Dragon - Soundtrack excerpt fromt he classic arcade game
  • Riding the Dragon - Paul Robeson
  • Dragon (Wood) - Shanghai Traditional Orchestra (from the CD Chinese Feng Shui Music
  • Dragon Weapon - Don Drummond
  • Exit the Dragon - The Upsetters
  • Dragon Dance - Festical celebration - Han Shin Chinese Folk & Danse Ensemble
  • Dragons Play With Pearl - track from Cantonese Mental Music LP
  • Walk Like a Dragon - Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires
  • OST Pete's Dragon - song from the Disney film of the same name (starring an old Mickey Rooney)
  • The Final Sword Battle - The Dragon vs The Transience - from the Tsui Hark film Seven Swords
  • Ba Xing Bao Xi He He Xi - Twins and friends

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