Thursday, January 19, 2012

Red Light Revolution

I mentioned last year that Terracotta Distribution were going to release China's first sex shop comedy feature film Red Light Revolution. The time is now, the revolution is almost upon us and it will not only be televised but on the big screen too.

The film, directed by Sam Voutas (a Greek Australian who has lived in Beijing for many years), focuses on a group of guys who open a Beijing sex shop when their regular day jobs don't bring in enough cash. Apparently Beiijng really does have the most sex shops per square mile than any other city!
The comedy mainly arises from Chinese tradition colliding with modern sexual values.
The film was voted audience favourite at last year's Terracotta Film Festival and now Terracotta will bring the film back to The Prince Charles for one night only! Just in time for Chinese New Year, get yourself down to the cult Leicetser Square cinema for a few chuckles on Monday 23rd of Jan at 9pm.

DVD release will follow in Feb.

I'll be giving my review of the film my Resonance radio show Lucky Cat (Saturdays 3.30pm 104.4 Resonance FM).

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