Sunday, September 30, 2012

Adieu Bush House xie xie for the memories

The Ghosts Of Bush from Robin The Fog on Vimeo.

This week I played a couple of tracks from the beautiful LP Ghosts of Bush. Bush House was an iconic BBC building for many years and home to the World Service. Sadly the idiots in charge of this country, (in the UK we have a half arsed coalition government that no one voted for fyi), decided to obliterate the World Service's budget and close Bush House. Many different languages were spoken in this building and news was relayed all around the world via short-wave radio. I myself visted Bush House a couple of times - in particular to speak with the Mandarin department when I wrote a few articles for their web site. Being a fan of art deco architecture I was in seventh heaven in the building. I don't often feel patriotic but I did as soon as I stepped into that building - there was a feeling of camaraderie oozing out from the very walls of the place.

Sadly the corridors are now empty. Resonance FM stalwart and then BBC World Service employee Robin the Fog recorded sounds from around the hidden corners of Bush House before it shut its doors earlier this summer. Excellent photography and filming from another Resonance FM alumni Hannah Brown.

The vinyl LP has all sold out and is now being repressed see: