Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lucky Cat S7 Ep 3 (29th Sept 12) Podcast & Playlist

In this week's show I review the Ai Wei Wei documentary feature 'Ai Wei Wei Never Sorry' (out on DVD Oct 8th). The dim sum lunch box returns with a review of Haozhan in Chinatown, iced matcha shakes and Burmese chilli sprinkles.

  • Kung Fu vs Kung Fu Hustle - Dillinger 45 plus audio from the Stephen Chow movie
  • Chinese Charleston - Josephine Siao Fong Fong()
  • Sunday Girl - Ourself Beside Me
  • Shanghai to Hangzhou - audio from my train journey in 2011
  • Slowly Fly - Long Shen Dao
  • Wrap You Up - Long Shen Dao
  • Ghosts of Bush House pt 1 Cantonese subs - from Ghosts of Bush House LP
  • Ghosts of Bush House pt 6 Haunted Handle - as above
  • Elenurhan(Missing) - music from the Xinjiang/Uyghur region of China
  • Moonlight on the Ching Yang River - The Chinese Cultural Theatre Group
  • Pussy, Pussy, Pussy - Light Crust Doughboys

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