Saturday, November 10, 2012

Soft Film Jukebox Tracklisting

Soft Film Jukebox: Vintage Vinyl from Hong Kong, Singapore & Taiwan (1957-73)
  • The Queen Envoy 王昭君 by Tong Pei Pei 董佩佩 (1957)
  • The Choice of A Lover 愛的抉擇 by Lui Hung 呂紅 (1964)
  • 情種 [The Affectionate Type] by Fong Sam 方心 (ca. 1967)
  • 鼓舞新生 [Encouraging a New Life] by Chun Long 俊郎 (ca. 1967)
  • Three Flowers of the Factory 工廠三小姐 by Ting Ying 丁瑩, Lydia Shum 沈殿霞 & Lee Chan Chan 李真真 (1967)
  • 賣花姑娘 [The Flower Girl] by Josephine Siao 蕭芳芳 (1966)
  • Chivalrous Girl in the Air 空中女殺手 by Connie Chan 陳寶珠 (1967)
  • 愛情滋味 [The Taste of Romance] by Josephine Siao & Connie Chan (1966)
  • You Are the One I Love 我的愛人就是你 by Josephine Siao 蕭芳芳 & Pearl Au 歐嘉慧 (1967)
  • Sixteen Candles by Ruby Wah 華怡保 (ca. 1967)
  • 為甚麼我們要分手 [Why Must We Break Up?] by Chang Lye Lye 張萊萊 (1967)
  • 一路順風 [Have a Pleasant Journey] by Doris Ang & The Sandboys 洪佩佩聖童樂隊伴奏 (ca. 1968)
  • 咪咪貓 [Mimi the Cat] by Mimi Tsai and the Five Petals Band 蔡咪咪與五花瓣合唱團 (ca. 1968)
  • 風流郎君 [The Playboy Prince] Yang Li Hua 楊麗花 (ca. 1969)
  • 多少思念無從寄 [Inexpressible Longings] by Teresa Teng 鄧麗君 (ca. 1973)
  • 王昭君 [Wang Zhao Jun] by Yao Su Rong 姚蘇蓉 (1971)
  • 想起你可愛的笑容 [Thinking of Your Lovely Smile] by Lena Lim 林竹君 (1969)
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